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The Secret Room | Graz

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Delia Schober

Owner Secrent Room 202
Graz | Austria

Delia Schober is the owner of Secret Room 202 in the historical centre of Graz. Personal advice for clients is her thing. Her concerns are perfection, individuality and reduce to the essential. This is what Avantagarde fashion is.

„Secret Room 202 – an epicenter of the avant-garde fashion in Graz.“

Delia Schober

The Secret Room 202 is not only an architectural “kleinod”, this world also offering a distinctive street avant-garde collection which is both, functional and sophisticated in its simplicity. The Secret Room caters for local and international fashion partisans.

The carefully selected pieces which reflect a cultured urban lifestyle exude a sense of timelessness. Each detail thoughtfully curated, comes together to create a space which reverently encompasses this refined and superb collection.

Allow it to be your new favorite place. The Secret Room not only lets one be, but more importantly, you are celebrated.

Designer: Rick Owens, Isabel Benenato, Barbara I Gongini, Ilaria Nistri, Barbara Bologna, Hannibal and many more.

Secret Room 202 | Hans-Sachs-Gasse 14 | 8010 Graz | Austria

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