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art & business hotel, Nuremberg, Germany: Design, art and a warm heart

Coming home to the art & business hotel after a hard day of business or a trip into the rich history of this original medieval town with historical ups and downs.

Hospitality and warmth, with guests who are looking for the individual, the honest, away from the chain hotel business. No fake smiles, but cheerful warmth. Breakfast in a secluded artificial grove under plane trees with birdsong - in the middle of the big city. Good beds and fine linens for a restful sleep in air-conditioned rooms and a personally written welcome. Sustainability and organic certification for the furnishings and the culinary offer. You will find all this at the art & business hotel, a small fine 3 star superior hotel in the historic core of Nuremberg.

There is another way to do it

The idea of the Hirschfelder family to run a hotel came about after years of traveling to all regions of the world and always looking for THE hotel, that is, a place where you arrive, where you are warmly welcomed, where you find everything you need, but not overwhelmed with superfluous and frills. No uniform mush, but individual modernity, no fashion but quality, cheerfulness, yes cheerfulness and joy and then so often the consideration: that can be done differently. And exactly these thoughts were then also put into practice.

art & business hotel - lounge

Because the architecture and real estate affine owner family is offered an aging house in a prime location. The condition was desolate, but it was immediately clear that there was a treasure to be found here. And they succeeded: an enchanting, secluded inner courtyard was created, the art grove around which the new hotel is nestled, a collection of paintings and sculptures by Nuremberg artists finds a place in the bright breakfast gallery, the lounge, and of course in the 49 rooms.

With great attention to detail, inspiration and innovation, the host family once set out to make their vision of a modern, artsy city hotel a reality. This can be felt and seen in the clear design, the art and the warmth of heart that make the family-run hotel something very special - your home in Nuremberg.

Art & Business - Hoteliers

Each individual family member brings their own biography, personal skills and knowledge from the hotel business, but also from fields such as art, architecture and political science.

Individual travelers are welcomed, who are looking for the individual, the honest, away from the chain hotels. These are business people who have to do business in Nuremberg or make a stopover there, want to stay centrally with the best transport connections to the train, subway and airport, and trade fair, and appreciate an uncomplicated but perfect service. But these are also art lovers who appreciate and explore this great city with its museums and theaters, and people who want to walk the longest medieval city wall in the world or just come to store, with or without family, in large or small groups of friends.

At the art & business hotel, great importance is attached to personal contact and regionality. For many guests, the diverse breakfast in particular is one of the absolute highlights.These are all the homemade delicacies, be it red fruit jelly, homemade - also gluten-free - bread, the yogurt with fruits from our own garden or the salmon, which is pickled here in the house. Or all the varied fresh small salads with fresh herbs. Even with the hazelnut cream you know exactly what it consists of: Because it is also homemade here.

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Nürnberg, Germany


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