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Hotel Landhafen, Nordsee, Deutschland: Hartlik wäljkiimen

You have just learned a little North Frisian – “Hartlik wäljkiimen” means “Welcome”!

The Hotel Landhafen is located not far from the Wadden Sea World Heritage Site in the charming climatic health town Niebüll in beautiful North Frisia.

From teacher to hotel owner

Christoph Brunk runs the hotel together with his wife

Since the town did not provide a hotel, the former teacher and host, Christoph Brunk, decided out of passion to reorient himself and change that. Born and grown up in Niebüll, he knows his region of course by heart – like where the special treasures of the region are located.

He wanted to share excactly this knowledge and the beauty of his homeland:  This is how the idea for the Hotel Landhafen with 42 rooms and three suites was born and opened in October 2019, both for guests and locals.

Hotel Landhafen

In addition, a 100-year-old orchard could be integrated into the hotel, which gives the hotel that certain something.

Until six months before the hotel was completed, Brunk continued to work as a teacher, but then he had to put all his energy into the completion and implementation of the Landhafen. The entire hotel was built with companies from the region, none further than 35 km away.

For a long time, Christoph Brunk searched for a name  for the hotel that would unite everything that he wanted to express. After months, the great name “Landhafen” was born. There couldn’t hardly be a more fitting name as  the hotel’s old orchard was a very small port before the land reclamation of North Friesland around 1650.

A new experience of North Frisia

The hotel offers its guests a new, authentic North German hotel experience in a homely atmosphere that allows experiencing the destination North Friesland in a different way: A place to arrive and feel good already in the first night. No matter whether it is a business trip or a short vacation with the family.

The Hotel Landhafen offers a feeling of ” being at home in a foreign place”.

An inexpensive yet high quality accommodation in a personal and warm atmosphere that inspires and motivates. In addition, the hotel offers regional products from producers you have come to know and love.

Hotel Landhafen

The hotel was developed for guests who are looking for a time-out. Escape from everyday life for a short while and let your head be blown free by the dike, and then relax by the fireplace with a tea punch or Pharisee. In summer, however, you can also enjoy a cool beer in the 100-year-old orchard or take a trip to one of the most beautiful islands in Germany. A visit to the sauna in a barrel followed by relaxation or a massage will also provide you with new energy. In addition, the Landhafen also offers business customers a second home for a limited time.

The Landhafen is particularly proud of its great team and its design – a refreshing combination of traditional country house and modern industrial design, which is also incredibly well received by its guests.

A view into the old orchard allows to forget the stressful everyday life for a few moments; here you can find everything from pears to plums. Even if it’s just a shady place in summer.


To the hotel

1 night for 2 persons
€ 77

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