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LA PETITE IVY, Wachau, Austria: Ho-tel

With the opening of boutique hotel LA PETITE IVY, Martin Ho has fulfilled a lifelong dream. Art-loving guests visit the haven in the Wachau region of Austria to indulge in peace and contemplation.

What does a relentless businessman buy himself for his 32nd birthday? With galleries, restaurants and clubs already in his portfolio, Martin Ho was still missing something: a hotel. He had always wanted to join the ranks of hoteliers, although when he was younger it was more an idyllic treehouse in Sapa, Vietnam, on the border with China that he had in mind. But the newcomer to the hotel scene has now found a similar sense of tranquillity in Wachau in Lower Austria. In autumn 2018, just in time for his birthday, he opened LA PETITE IVY in the historic Trenninghof building. The boutique hotel promotes itself as a place of relaxation and deceleration away from the big-city hustle and bustle of Vienna, and brings together all of Ho’s passions under its 717-year-old roof: cuisine, individuality, design and art.

Modern art within ancient walls

The entire hotel is devoted to modern art, and there are countless pieces from Martin Ho’s private collection on display not just on the walls, but also as little surprises in between. "Even at the entrance to the hotel, I’m greeted by one of Erwin Wurm’s sausage sculptures, which always brings a smile to my face", reveals the art collector.

The effect on the guests is much the same when they are surrounded by works by Andy Warhol, Jeff Koons, Daniel Richter and Jonathan Meese, to name but a few, during their stay beneath the vaulted gothic ceilings. Each of the five individually designed guest rooms is also dedicated to a theme, art movement or artist – for example, the Pop room follows the principles of pop art, the Copenhagen room is inspired by designer and architect Arne Jacobsen and the deluxe Bukkake room, with its freestanding bath and private balcony with panoramic view, pays tribute to artist Nobuyoshi Araki.

Geared up to wind down

That being said, it’s not just boasts of art and design that entice guests to visit this countryside gem. In addition to the impressive sculpture park, nestled amongst the idyllic hills of the Wachau region those seeking relaxation will also find a pool, an in-house bar and a library. In the colder months, it’s best to withdraw to the small, exclusive spa area with its steam and infrared saunas. Alternatively, you could flick through a good book by the cosy fireplace, lost in thought, allowing your gaze to wander to the spectacular Wachau landscape, which is all the more captivating when covered with snow. Even better with a glass of exquisite regional red wine in your hand, which can now be found on the menu at all of the proprietor’s restaurants.

LA PETITE IVY is also dedicated to Ho’s wife Ivana and their daughter Ivy Kim, who both contributed to making Martin Ho’s latest birthday wish come true: rest and relaxation with family. And where better to do just that than in his own little slice of paradise in peaceful Mühldorf.

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Mühldorf, Austria


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