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Madeira and the Azores: untamed nature and sustainable tourism

Madeira and the Azores, two Portuguese archipelagos in the Atlantic Ocean, are ideal destinations for ecotourism. Madeira attracts visitors with its lush forests, hikes along the historic levadas and sustainable accommodation in the midst of breathtaking landscapes. The Azores offer unspoilt nature with volcanic crater lakes, hot springs and first-class whale watching opportunities. Both archipelagos promote sustainable tourism and allow travellers to discover the natural beauty and biodiversity in an environmentally friendly way.

Madeira - Lagoa do Vento

Lagoa do Vento is an enchanting lake on the Portuguese island of Madeira, which is known for its breathtaking nature and diverse landscape. The lake is located near the Rabacal hiking trail and is one of the island's hidden gems. The path to Lagoa do Vento leads through lush forests, along the famous levadas (irrigation channels) and offers hikers breathtaking views and the opportunity to experience the rich flora and fauna of the region.

The name "Lagoa do Vento" means "Lake of the Wind" and reflects the often windy conditions in this remote area. The lake is fed by an impressive waterfall that cascades over a steep cliff into the lagoon, creating a magical atmosphere. The tranquil surroundings and clear waters make the Lagoa do Vento a perfect spot for nature lovers and photographers.


Close to the Lagoa do Vento is the White Exclusive Suites, a luxurious hotel that offers its guests exclusive and relaxing accommodation. The suites are stylishly furnished and offer breathtaking views of the Atlantic Ocean. With first-class amenities and attentive service, it is the ideal place for travellers looking for a special and relaxing stay.

Azoren/São Miguel - Ribeira Grande

Ribeira Grande is a town and municipality on the island of São Miguel, which is part of the Azores, a Portuguese archipelago in the Atlantic Ocean. The town is known for its charming architecture, historical sights and its location on the north coast of the island, which offers spectacular views of the ocean.

The historic centre of Ribeira Grande is rich in history and culture. Notable sights include the baroque church Igreja Matriz de Nossa Senhora da Estrela, the town hall and the numerous well-preserved manor houses. The city is also known for its lively festivals and events, including the traditional Festas do Espírito Santo, which attracts many visitors every year.

Ribeira Grande is also an ideal starting point for exploring the natural beauty of São Miguel. Nearby are several thermal springs, hiking trails and the impressive Lagoa do Fogo and Caldeira Velha, which are among the island's most popular natural attractions.


For eco-conscious travellers, the Eco Hotel Santa Barbara in Ribeira Grande offers sustainable accommodation with modern amenities. The hotel emphasises ecological practices and eco-friendly design while offering a comfortable and luxurious stay. With its proximity to major attractions and breathtaking views of the Atlantic Ocean, Eco Hotel Santa Barbara is an excellent choice for travellers who want to experience the beauty of the Azores in an eco-friendly way.

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