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Seehof Nature Retreat, Natz near Bressanone, Italy: Simply arriving

Finding the right words for the Seehof Nature Retreat doesn't seem so easy - but it can be done.

If one reads the comments on the website of the Seehof Nature Retreat in Natz near Bressanone in South Tyrol, one immediately thinks: I want to go there. They speak of warm hosts, of the feeling of having arrived, of a "feast for the senses". Of unique culinary delights from dawn to dusk, and of professional and friendly staff. It's probably hard to put this place into words, but the guests - who come again and again - manage to do so: A perfect place for a well-deserved vacation, is how one guest sums it up in a nutshell.

But what characterizes the Seehof?

Seehof Nature Retreat Eigentümer

Andreas Auer, who runs the Seehof together with his wife Tamaris, took over his parents' business and turned his vision of creating a power place into reality. The couple wanted to create a place where people meet who value tranquility, nature and enjoyment in every way. "A slower, more conscious, more natural pace", is the idea that characterizes the Seehof.

Even during the reconstruction, it was important to the couple to ensure that the architecture also reflects the local conditions. The Seehof is located on the plateau of Natz, at about 900 meters, not far from the town of Bressanone and the Augustinian canon monastery of Neustift. And here, too, the two had the right instinct to turn their vision into reality: "Right from the start, we were lucky to have the right partners on board for our project." The reconstruction was realized with NOA Bolzano, an award-winning architecture and design studio based in Bolzano and Berlin. If you ask the two of them to describe their personal highlights of the Nature Retreat, the first thing they emphasize is the "software" of the house - their staff: "Our employees are the heart of the house. They enable our guests to enjoy a pleasant stay in a natural, uncomplicated and authentic environment, a place where pleasure comes first."

But of course, the Auer family is also proud of the "hardware" - the Nature Retreat itself: "The bathing and spa building by the lake is a real highlight. The modern suites and newly designed rooms convey contemporary lifestyle. The "Borgo dei sapori" is our culinary meeting point of local and Mediterranean cuisine and our garden, in which the whole area is embedded, is a true paradise."

But let's take another look at the guest reviews. When we ask the hosts about their vision for the Seehof, it sounds quite as if wish and reality coincide here. In any case, Andreas and Tamaris Auer's vision seems to have been well received by the guests - because it is precisely this mood and this feeling that is reflected in the ratings:

"What we want for our guests? Arrive, rest, and be! Not higher, faster, further, but slower, more conscious, more natural".

Tamaris and Andreas Auer have a vision for the Seehof

The two are also quite proud of this consistency. This makes the Seehof exactly what it should be for its guests: a temporary cocoon that offers "Moments of Calm" - in a place for the senses, lovingly staged with ease and sensitivity. And the Seehof is constantly evolving - especially in times of constant home office, a change of scenery as soon as it is possible again is certainly a good idea. In the new, very appealing "Seehof Smart-Working-Loggia", guests can retreat and concentrate fully on their work while enjoying the casually elegant ambience of the vacation home. This can also be "Moments of Calm"...

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