THE Stylemate: Issue 01 | 2021, a time between times

Inspirations from around the world for an aesthetic and meaningful lifestyle

THE Stylemate is a stylish magazine for design-oriented and sophisticated travelers. Stylemates – people with high design standards – tell readers about design, architecture, art, culture, fashion and cuisine. And naturally about top destinations and hotels, here we come full circle to LIFESTYLEHOTELS. 

The magazine is published three times a year and is available in our online shop as well as in all our LIFESTYLEHOTELS. Due to the pandemic, the current, first issue of the year is now published in May. 

THE Stylemate – the magazine

Issue 01 | 2021, a time between times

In our last issue, we used this page to write about our hopes and dreams for the future. We were somewhat hopeful that the next time we came to write this passage, we would be a bit closer to reaching them than where we find ourselves now. But where are we, actually?

A bit in limbo, you could say. We haven’t quite got to where we would like to be, but we feel like we’ve made it through the worst. Now’s the “time for longing”, as LA-based artist Lucky Tennyson explains in our comprehensive cover interviewDuring one of the lockdowns, he asked people to come to their windows while he photographed them from outside, and they shared with him what they were longing for.


The feeling of longing is present for all of us. At points during the last year it’s been overwhelmingly strong, while at others it’s perhaps retreated a little more into the background. Maybe our worries and concerns were more prevalent and there was no longer any room for longing.

In this issue, we really want to whisk you away to places that will encourage you to dream, as well as a surrealist apartment in the heart of Rome and the Villa Pelícanos in Mexico, without forgetting our fabulous selection of LIFESTYLEHOTELS.

But all the while, wherever we have spoken to people, the place has resonated with the pandemic. It’s elbowed its way into our heads and altered our thoughts.

Unfortunately, we haven’t yet arrived at the “after” stage – we’re in a time between times.


THE Stylemate is available in all LIFESTYLEHOTELS, and each issue also features selected LIFESTYLEHOTELS with extraordinary stories.

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