THE Stylemate: Issue 03 | 2020, what is of value to us? Austria Special

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THE Stylemate is a stylish magazine for design-oriented and demanding travellers. Stylemates – people with high design standards – tell readers about design, architecture, art, culture, fashion and culinary delights. And, of course, about top destinations and hotels – this is where it comes full circle to LIFESTYLEHOTELS.

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THE Stylemate – the magazine

Issue 03 | 2020, what is of value to us?

Austria Special

The year 2020 is drawing to a close and most people probably have the same thing on their minds – mostly, wishing for the arrival of the New Year. We hope we’ll be able to overcome Covid-19, and that this period of worry and uncertainty that far exceeds normal levels will soon be a thing of the past. We’re dreaming of once more being able to move around freely, to travel and to meet new people. To discover new places and to feel unlimited well-being when we get there.

In this issue, we have reflected on what is important to us, when something has value and what notions of value there are. In addition, our cover shows an image by Austrian artist Martin Grandits, who deals with this topic in a humorous way in his works. And that takes us onto the second theme of this issue: Austria. 

THE Stylemate – latest issues:


Issue 02 | nobody believed it – faith

When it felt like the world was changing constantly from one minute to the next, and it seemed that any long-term plans would have to be thrown out the window, we joined the journey into the unknown and decided to make this issue of THE Stylemate more spontaneous and experimental. You’ll see that there isn’t a person looking up at you from the front cover as usual – instead, we commissioned emerging artist Alessandro Painsi to think about creating something different for it. Bar a couple of general pointers like “maybe something with text” and “it should be about people”, he was otherwise given free rein.

THE Stylemate - wabi sabi

Issue 01 | 2020 wabi-sabi

wabi – sabi – to find beauty in imperfection is a Japanese aesthetic concept that we like and would like to follow. In this issue of THE Stylemate about Japan we have collected many beautiful things, some of which are almost perfect, others so interesting that their beauty lies in their imperfection. 

THE Stylemate - beyond borders

Issue 03 | 2019, beyond borders

The cover shows a strong photo of one of the most internationally successful and interesting Austrian photographers in Austria – Elfie Semotan. People say about her that she has dissolved the borders between fashion and art photography with her work. This issue is also about boundaries. The 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall was taken as an opportunity to look at this topic.

Issue 02 | 2019, fancy adventures

This issue of THE Stylemate is on 40 pages dedicated to adventure. 
Where do we still find adventure today, where it seems everything has been seen or experiencedbefore? THE Stylemate staes: everywhere! On journeys anyway, but also in business or between two book covers, and of course in our heads. You will find out. Fancy an adventure?

Issue 01 | 2019, destination design

You will find many beautiful things in this issue. By the way, the eccentric lady with the spectacular sunglasses on the cover is the famous art patron Peggy Guggenheim. She has not only “designed” the Guggenheim collection throughout her life, but above all as a personality. Exceptional sense of quality and a penchant for irony and the bizarre – impressive.

In each issue, selected LIFESTYLEHOTELS are presented with extraordinary stories.

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