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Mindful Traveller

Mallorca: More than mass tourism – a paradise for sustainability and mindfulness

Mallorca, the largest of the Balearic Islands, has long made a name for itself as a Mecca for sun worshippers and party tourists. But the island has much more to offer than crowded beaches and vibrant nightlife. In recent years, Mallorca has developed into a destination for sustainable tourism and mindful travel, making it the perfect place for environmentally conscious and relaxation-seeking travellers.

Sustainable hotels and accommodation

Mallorca has developed an impressive number of sustainable hotels and accommodation that promote environmentally friendly practices. These hotels rely on solar energy, recycled water and local produce to minimise their ecological footprint. For example, the Pleta de mar - Luxury by Nature in Canyamel has implemented a comprehensive sustainability strategy that ranges from using local materials to supporting the local community.

Pleta de Mar - Pool
Hotel Pleta de mar - Luxury by nature

Ecotourism and nature conservation

The island offers a wide range of activities that are in harmony with nature. Hikes through the Tramuntana Mountains, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, allow visitors to experience the unspoilt beauty of the island. The clear waters and rich marine life also make Mallorca an ideal place for sustainable diving and snorkelling. Many organisations on the island are committed to protecting the marine and coastal ecosystems so that tourists can enjoy the natural diversity responsibly.

Hotel Fontsanta

Culinary experiences

The culinary scene on Mallorca has also taken a sustainable turn. Many restaurants and markets offer organic products and traditional, locally produced food. From the wineries in Binissalem to the olive groves in Sóller, the islanders place great importance on supporting local agriculture and traditional production methods.

Hotel Can Simoneta

Mindful travelling

For mindful travellers, Mallorca offers numerous retreats and activities aimed at relaxation and self-reflection. Yoga retreats, meditation centres and wellness spas are spread across the island and offer programmes that bring body and mind into harmony. Hotels such as Es Racó D’Artà offer customised experiences that combine meditation, yoga and healthy eating to provide guests with a complete wellbeing experience.


Mallorca shows that the island is much more than a destination for mass tourism. With an increasing number of sustainable hotels, a wide range of ecotourism activities and numerous opportunities for mindful travelling, Mallorca is becoming a model destination for sustainable and responsible tourism. It is the ideal place for travellers who want to enjoy nature and culture respectfully without harming the environment.

to the hotel
Canyamel, Mallorca | Spain


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