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Wilmina Hotel Berlin

An oasis of tranquility in the bustling heart of the metropolis. A place of contemplation and retreat, serving as a counterpoint to the bustling activities of the urban surroundings. The historically preserved ensemble, consisting of a former courthouse and a women's prison, has been redesigned, expanded, and repurposed by the architects Grüntuch Ernst. It now houses the Hotel Wilmina, the Lovis Restaurant, and an art and cultural space called Amtsalon.

From the rooftop terrace, a soothing view of courtyards, gardens, and green rooftops unfolds. The lush garden, adorned with trees, shrubs, and climbing plants, invites relaxation and rejuvenation.

For those who prefer to unwind inside the hotel, there are opportunities in the Fireplace Lounge with a cup of tea or in the Library with books that reach up to the ceiling. Elegant billiard tables and classic board games beckon in the Billiard Room.

In the 44 light-filled rooms, you'll encounter a calming aesthetic with bright colors and natural materials. Notably, the luxurious comfort of handcrafted COCO-MAT beds ensures you wake up fully rested to embrace the new day.

Best Room

Penthouse Suite

The new Penthouse level seamlessly blends clean lines with panoramic views. Floor-to-ceiling glass facades are shielded by metal chains, offering privacy while gracefully enveloping the historic structure. These additions are minimalistic and tranquil, yet they carry a poetic touch. In contrast to the Penthouse Compact, the Penthouse Suite features a separate room with a workspace and a sofa bed, which can be separated by a sliding door.


For relaxation after an eventful day, guests have access to a sauna and a gym equipped with high-quality fitness equipment.

During the summer, guests can cool off in the 10-meter-long refreshing pool, while in the winter, a revitalizing ice bath awaits them after the sauna.

For those looking to escape the stresses of everyday life, a massage is available. Book a massage and indulge in a pampering experience.


Lovis Restaurant and Bar

Chef Sophia Rudolph and her team reimagine traditional dishes, bringing to life a hidden place nestled amidst lush gardens.


Amtsalon is a multidisciplinary space for temporary projects from the realms of art, architecture, design, and beyond. A former courthouse transformed into a unique event venue in the heart of Berlin.

„A place of retreat in the bustling metropolis”

Kantstrasse 79 | 10627 Berlin | Deutschland

44 rooms

Price: € 150,– bis € 350,–

A place of retreat in the bustling metropolis


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Wilmina Hotel Berlin



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