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Mission Statement

Stylish retreats for inspiring timeouts

Since 2001, we have been in search of the new, the aesthetic, the inspiring. Looking for places, experiences and people that widen our horizons, appeal to our senses and inspire our thoughts.

When we find what we are looking for, we come to rest. Then we discover one of the hotels that we would like to introduce to you as a Lifestylehotel.

Farm-to-table concepts, the support of local artists, a particularly resource-conserving operation and handling of the hotel, or the meditative experience of nature are just a few examples of the innovations of our member hotels. The demand for aesthetics and quality are the basic elements of the vision.

Behind all this are ideas and, above all, people – our hoteliers – who create something unique with their honest efforts. We want to understand their vision in order to continue telling their stories.

At some point, we then go on the search again, put out our feelers and activate our sensors, because new things are always emerging and existing things are changing.

“The only constant in life is change.


Thomas Holzleithner

Lifestylehotels™ combines a handpicked selection of hotels. Each hotel won us over with its convincing hospitality concept. We want to tell you about these special places and the people behind them and inspire you.


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Hardy Egger

To become a Lifestylehotels™ member, we must be convinced of the uniqueness of a hotel and the concept behind it. In addition to the design, architecture, quality and authenticity of a hotel there are many small details that play a role. How the dishes are prepared, which outstanding services are offered, how the lighting is used. Even if there are certain criteria that have to be met, the admission of a new hotel is always a matter of intuition.


In conversation with Hardy Egger >>


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