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Hotel Bergwiesenglück, See, Tyrol, Austria: Greener than green

A holiday at the Bergwiesenglück boutique hotel and chalet doesn’t just have a lasting impact on the heart and soul – nature also has reason to be grateful for the efforts of the two hotel owners Anna and Rudolf Schuchter when it comes to protecting the environment.

Anyone who finds themselves surrounded by the natural beauty of the Paznaun valley, just like the Bergwiesenglück, bears a certain level of responsibility. Anna and Rudolf Schuchter think the same, and put everything they have into running their boutique hotel and its chalet.

 “In addition to hospitality, protecting the environment is a top priority at our hotel. It is hugely important for us that our actions align with nature. That’s why we take care to use precious resources sparingly.”

Rudolf Schuchter

Items aren’t bought for guests from the supermarket or a wholesaler, but from a number of small producers in the region. “In that way, we avoid a huge amount of waste, support our long-standing local partners, save CO2 because the delivery routes are shorter, and can offer our guests the absolute best quality – what more could you want?”

A fridge full of delicacies

And the guests? They are immensely appreciative of the regional delicacies produced with such care. Rudolf Schuchter: “For example, we can fill the fridges of our chalet guests with treats such as homemade bread, bacon, fresh butter and much more – it’s something we’re glad to do.” Local ingredients feature in the restaurant, too, including game and lamb from our own hunting and breeding activities. “And let’s not forget our herb garden, from which we harvest ingredients of organic quality.” One of the great luxuries for guests is a glass of crystal-clear mountain spring water, which bubbles out of every tap at the Bergwiesenglück for free. “Nature provides us with the most precious resources for life. Our spring water is one such resource.”

Because less is often more

As a guest, you can of course make your own contribution to the conservation efforts. Rudolf Schuchter: “Not having your room or chalet cleaned every day makes a big difference. Our guests can avail of the cleaning service as and when they wish.” After all: “We are just one small part of the bigger picture. And if we all do our little bit to help, we will be able to preserve and protect our beautiful natural surroundings.”

Charming boutique hotel and chalet at around 1,250 metres above sea level, with a view that will leave you speechless.

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See, Austria


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