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Torel Boutiques, Portugal: on a hill of lisbon …

... this is where it all started for the Torel Boutiques hotels, and it’s a tale filled with history and sophisticated luxury. The first of their four establishments occupies a picturesque setting on Sant’Ana, one of the seven hills in the historic centre of the Portuguese capital. Portugal ...


Torel Boutiques, Portugl: Hotels with a history

Torel Boutiques are for all guests who look for a unique experience away from the standard offers. They believe in a friendly atmosphere and a relaxed environment for guests to feel truly at home. The passion to create something new Torel Boutiques is a collection of four prestigious hote...

Lisboa, Portugal

Torel Palace Lisbon

A royal place in Lisbon The charming and romantic palaces will steal your heart. Be Queen or King for a day in the historic Torel Palace Lisbon boutique unit. With their luscious gardens and a stunning view over the city of Lisbon guests can experience the city of Lisbon in the way of royals...

Porto, Portugal

Torel Palace Porto

A home for writers and poets A five-star poets palace, a writers shelter, a travelers favorite story housed in a stunning historic mansion: The new five star hotel Torel Palace Porto. The hotel was opened in 2020 and is the exclusive address for travelers seeking an elegant, exclusive and un...

Porto, Portugal

Torel Avantgarde

Porto's extravagant boutiquehotel The award-winning hotel Torel Avantgarde is Porto´s sexiest five-star hotel. It’s a place for the traveler who seeks the extravagant and the extraordinary art of Portugal. The building’s origins date back to the 1940s when “creativity” in its broadest sense...

Porto, Portugal

Torel 1884 Suites & Apartments

A luxury stay in the heart of Porto The award-winning Torel 1884 palace in the heart of Porto is dedicated to explorers who seek more than just a room key. Torel 1884 offers 12 rooms and suites at the main building. Not far at the Rua das Flores, the property offers 11 more apartments for a...


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