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Ecohotel El Agua

Place for holistic health and healing

The Ecohotel El Agua is located in the middle of a beautiful natural landscape in the quiet historic village of Arico el Nuevo in the south of Tenerife. Based on the ideas of holistic health and healing, naturopathy and mindfulness, a wide range of therapies are offered. The most important therapies include deep fasting and regenerative autophagy with medical support, as well as cryotherapy, the targeted use of cold to achieve therapeutic effects. The offer ranges from yoga and Pilates to vegan nutrition, various relaxing and therapeutic massage techniques such as Shiatsu, breathing exercises and meditation. Hydrotherapy, a particularly gentle treatment option, is also used for regeneration. A stay at the Ecohotel will help you in transforming your mind and in rejuvenating your body.

Aesthetics & unique natural scenery

The resort has been designed with a very natural and unique aesthetic line and places great emphasis on sustainability, which can be felt and seen in all areas. The opening of the first villa is planned for June 2022. In the 80 square metres villa with infinity pool and jacuzzi, you can retreat on 200 square metres of private terrace and garden to enjoy silence and to reconnect with yourselve. At the same time, you can choose from a wide range of holistic integrative medical therapies or explore the extraordinary surroundings.

The Wellness Spa

Only for guests of the Ecohotel El Agua

Nestled in a quiet corner of the EcoHotel El Agua, the wellness spa offers guests a sanctuary of serenity during their stay. Admire the views of the cascading ravine beneath the hotel's feet as you relax in the saltwater jacuzzi. Those looking for an exciting way to stimulate circulation will enjoy the chilly temperatures of the plunge pool. Meanwhile, behind the elaborately carved wooden door, guests can soothe tired muscles in the sauna, enjoy moments of unwinding in the hammam and sample a menu of treatments inspired from all corners of the world. Man's love affair with the sauna is an enduring, worldwide relationship that dates back to antiquity. As soon as man discovered how to create fire, he wasted no time in discovering how to benefit from its warm embrace. It is universally human to seek refuge in the warmth of a sauna. Although the concept has its roots deeply intertwined with Scandinavian culture, every civilisation has its own version. From Turkish hammams and Japanese onsen to Mexican temazcals and Russian banyas, humans have sought heat for healing and purification since the dawn of time.

The Spirit

The mission is to offer guests a holistic wellness experience from the moment they set foot in the hotel. Based on the practices of Hippocratic medicine and integrating the sacred teachings of Eastern and Western medicine, the aim is to harmonise mind, body and spirit. In this way, problems are adressed at their root, allowing the body to regain balance and heal itself. Anthony Picq, founder of NAOKŌ healing hotels, parent company of EcoHotel El Agua, believes that the body can regain optimal health with the right healing protocols, he is the one who brings the hotels philosophy to life. As a naturopath, phytotherapist and self-taught hygienist, Anthony has instilled these practices into a wide range of treatments.


With elements of wabi-sabi and Feng Shui design, the spa reflects the relaxing, minimalist aesthetic of Villa Olivo and its surroundings. Natural hues and handcrafted artwork in the corners soothe racing thoughts. The design details reflect a wellness journey that spans the globe. From the woodwork preserved using the Japanese Shou sugi ban method to the Moroccan-inspired architectural forms used to create the hammam, ZIRĀ studios (the brainchild of Anthony Picq) have created an opulent oasis of calm.

The therapies

Ecohotel El Agua is the first design hotel to offer a comprehensive holistic range of integrative medical therapies.

The main therapies include:

  • Deep fasting/interval fasting and regenerative autophagy with medical support to regenerate and rejuvenate the body's own cells.
  • Hydrotherapy (water therapy) for therapeutic treatment of acute or chronic complaints, stabilisation of bodily functions, prevention, rehabilitation and/or regeneration
  • Bioregulative medicine 
  • Cryotherapy (cold therapy) and Wim Hof breathing techniques, which use breathing techniques and cold to make the body and immune system stronger and more resilient
  • Watsu (traditional Thai massage, stretching and acupressure in water)
  • Yoga, Pilates and meditation
  • Nutrition (vegan, vegetarian, raw food)
  • Relaxing and therapeutic massages

4 holistic health programs:

  • Detoxification & regeneration
  • Asanas
  • Water for health
  • Personal training and weight management

Destination Tip

The exceptional natural scenery offers the opportunity for discovery tours, hikes and cycling tours. For music lovers, classical concerts and jazz concerts are offered. Another highlight is the hotel’s own concept store, where you can buy fashion and accessories, natural cosmetics and yoga clothing & accessories as well as art.

Calle Veinticinco de julio 4. | 38589 Arico el Nuevo | Teneriffa | Spain

Resort for holistic health and healing, naturopathy and mindfulness with a focus on deep fasting and regenerative autophagy with medical support as well as cryotherapy.

4 holistic health programs

Villa Olivio: from € 300 to € 1.000 per night

Detoxification and regeneration: from € 2.270 per person / 4 nights

Adults Only – from 18 years

Opening September 2022


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Ecohotel El Agua



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