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Verina Astra

Where the stars are within reach

In the boutique hotel Verina Astra you have the feeling of becoming one with the Aegean Sea and its endless expanses. The hotel is located on a hill in Poulati, directly above the Panagia tis Poulatis Church, viewing the picturesque village of Kastro. Thanks to breathtaking panoramic views and enchanting nights on the island, the stars over Sifnos are within reach from the Verina "Astra" - which means "stars" in Greek.

Incredible views, breathtaking tranquility and exceptional privacy

The total of 16 rooms and suites are named after constellations and are set amid romantic gardens. The private terraces and infinity pool offer stunning views of the sea, which merges with the horizon to form a seemingly endless blue. The hotel's design is minimalistic and understated in a Cycladic style. An exceptional and unique combination of traditional architecture and modern design elements that blend harmoniously with the natural environment. Organic materials such as natural stone, ceramics and flowing linen fabrics create a calm and cozy atmosphere.

Mediterranean with a twist

Seasonality and regionality are top priorities at Verina Astra. The Mediterranean cuisine relies primarily on fresh ingredients sourced from the surrounding Sifnos area and from their own organic cultivation. The cuisine combines the local culinary heritage and traditional dishes with today's modern approaches. Sophisticated combinations of food from the sea and land make the stay on the Greek Cyclades Island unique.

Best Room – Norma & Indus

Relax and enjoy your private stay in one of the brand new pool suites. Isolated from the rest of the hotel complex, the suites Norma and Indus have private infinity pools with spacious indoor and outdoor areas, a large veranda with a pergola and an incredible sea view.

Destination Tip

Small hills at the inner part of the island are surrounded by rocky coasts with small bays with stone as well as sandy beaches. The beauty and grace of the island captures one from the first moment. The village of Artemonas, with its neoclassical mansions and typical Cycladic buildings, is considered one of the most beautiful villages of Sifnos and is only about 3km away. Discover the many fasts of the island on a hiking trip, on the more than 100km long hiking trail. Apollonia, the capital of the island offers pure Greek idyll: white houses with blue windows, narrow alleys and many taverns, boutiques and nightlife options in the main street “Steno”. And you shouldn’t miss to visit the old capital Kastro, which means “fortress” on a steep rock with unique views of the sea. Fancy Island hopping? Experience the islands and the breathtaking bays around Sifnos during an unforgettable boat trip. The traditional bright white houses on the mountain slopes, the countless chapels on each hilltop, the ancient dry stone walls, the horizontal zones (stripes) following the morphology of the mountain slopes, the ancient paths and stairs, the olive groves and gardens and the indescribable light will enchant you.

Poulati | 84003 Sifnos | Greece

16 rooms and suites

price 135 – 700

Incredible views

tranquility & privacy


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