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The Minimalism of the Cyclades

The Cyclades, consisting of a total of 39 islands, more than half of which are inhabited, present themselves as an extremely diverse archipelago. Santorini, Mykonos, and Paros, vibrant, breathtakingly beautiful, and representative of the Cyclades, stand out. However, beyond these globally renowned islands, lesser-known but equally charming places like Sifnos or Folegandros await discovery.

Sustainable Island Architecture & Purism

Whitewashed houses, simple forms, narrow alleys providing protection from wind and weather – the "Architecture of the Cyclades" impresses not only with its visual aesthetics but also with numerous sustainable elements.

The straightforward design of the buildings on the Cyclades islands offers functional advantages. The houses are consistently oriented to the southeast. Walls are built with a thickness of 60 to 80 centimeters for heat and insulation purposes, while windows, for the same reasons, are relatively small. Despite the close construction, windows are always present on both sides to enable effective ventilation and cooling under the "Meltemi" wind conditions. The white lime paint of the buildings reflects heat, and flat roofs were historically used as cisterns.

Cool White

For millennia, the whitewashed color of the houses on the Cyclades islands has been not only an essential part of the architectural culture but also a means to promote sustainability. The color choice serves not only the aesthetic minimalism but, more importantly, practical efficiency: The white on the buildings and roofs reflects sunlight, helping to keep the interior pleasantly cool. Steven Chu, former US Energy Secretary and Nobel laureate, praises Cycladic architecture in the face of global warming as "exemplary."

Inspired by Cycladic Elegance

The best hotels on Sifnos and Folegandros feature a successful blend of modern design and luxury, inspired by the traditional construction of the region.

In hotels like Verina Terra and Verina Astra on Sifnos and the Gundari Resort on Folegandros, one can find the typical Cycladic style. The minimalist construction of Cycladic architecture is also manifested in its geometric foundation. Limestone, marble, and volcanic rocks such as gneiss or granite are elements reflected in the style.

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Folegandros, Greece

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