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Geinberg5 Private Spa Villas, Geinberg, Austria: Retreat

The Geinberg5 Private SPA Villas have a lot to offer – most importantly, relaxation. Jacqueline Papke, spa manager at the SPA Resort Therme Geinberg, of which the Private SPA Villas are a part, talks about her work, her favourite places to retreat to, the best treatments and why she makes it a priority to take time out for herself.

A place that touches the heart and the soul and offers every conceivable luxury.

Q - Lifestylehotels: Geinberg5 provides plenty of privacy and opportunities to retreat. What’s so special about the Geinberg5 Private SPA Villas?

Jacqueline Papke: The Geinberg5 Private SPA Villas are a place to retreat to with every conceivable luxury.
Geinberg5 is part of the SPA Resort Therme Geinberg along with Therme Geinberg, which is also known as the Caribbean of Austria, and yet here you can be totally alone. The villas and suites are nestled in a large garden with direct access to our large, exclusive wellness area. From the jacuzzi and the sauna, you have a breathtaking view of the fabulous hilly landscape of the Innviertel region. And in spring and summer, the terrace, with access to the natural bathing pond, is an absolute highlight.

Geinberg5 Private Spa Villas

Q - Is exclusivity a priority for you?

JP: Absolutely! We place great value on things that are special. For that reason, we provide a private butler service to look after our guests at any time of day. Our Oriental World with a hammam is another wonderful and exclusive experience, complete with the navel stone – the heart of any hammam – the CHAI Oriental tea bar, the open arcaded courtyard and a roof garden with a Finnish sauna. I call it a
dream from One Thousand and One Nights. Anyone looking for deeper relaxation can pamper hemselves in our Vitality SPA.

Q - Which treatment in particular would you recommend to visitors?

JP: Something really special is our exotic massages, such as the Lomi Lomi Nui or the Pantai Luar. Our floating clam is another highlight, where you can experience a feeling of weightlessness and absolute tranquillity. Afterwards, a lovely dinner in our two-toque award-winning restaurant AQARIUM is the perfect way to end a relaxing day.

"There, you can focus entirely on the moment and fully relax."

Geinberg5 Private Spa Villas

Q - An added benefit of the Geinberg5 resort is the quick walk directly to the Therme Geinberg. What can be experienced there?

JP: To put it briefly: over 3,000 m² of water, 15 relaxation areas and pools with fresh, salt and thermal water. Our Caribbean lagoon, for example, is especially popular in spring and summer. The universally well-known Caribbean bar, cocktails served to the poolside, palm trees and a sandy beach ensure an instant holiday vibe. And in the Caribbean sauna area, you’ll find eleven saunas and steam rooms.

Q - Guests are spoilt for choice. Which is your personal favourite place to retreat to at the Therme Geinberg?

JP: I would choose the relaxation garden. It’s centrally located but it’s peaceful and a real oasis, with an exceptional view of the beautiful flowers growing around it. There, you can focus entirely on the moment and fully relax. That’s what a wellness holiday is perfect for.

Geinberg5 Private Spa Villas

About Jacqueline Papke

The trained beautician has already travelled to many places around the world. After having jobs in Turkey, Egypt and on a cruise ship, she has now been in Upper Austria for eight years having found personal and professional happiness.

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