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Mindful Traveller

Pure calm at Puradies, Leogang Austria

It’s only four letters and yet it’s not always so easy to find calm. What seems challenging in everyday life is easily achieved at Puradies Naturressort in Leogang…


Calm. It’s the absence of noise, but actually much more… A look at nature, a moment of doing nothing or even inner serenity. Is it really so difficult to look up at the sky, the meadows or the mountains for a few moments instead of at your mobile phone? Wouldn’t it be nice to take a deep breath and be content with just being? Does it matter if the food is served five minutes earlier on holiday? Admittedly, some things may be challenging, but in a place like Puradies, peace and quiet come easily…

A quiet retreat

And this is probably due to the special location of the nature resort. The Puradies is a design hotel with a chalet village within a unique natural site in Salzburger Land with 30 hectares including private forest in the sunniest place in Leogang. No roads, no noise – just pure nature. The rustling of the forest and the buzzing of the bees are the only sounds for miles around. And the rooms and suites here are also particularly quiet. This is thanks to the five-centimetre-thick organic hemp mats that line the walls. Whichever balcony door you open or window you look out of, all you can see is nature and the wonderful panorama of the Leoganger Steinberge mountains.

Heavenly peace

The Heaven Spa, the new wellness area also takes relaxation to a new level and lets guests float on clouds: a heaven on earth! Peace and quiet can be found in many places here… You can literally dive into the water world. The yoga studio for meditative ohms is located directly by the natural bathing lake. Relaxation alcoves and cosy bunks provide a place to retreat. In the fireplace lounge, you can lose yourself in the crackling sound of the fire and the oversized wall relief by artist Michael Lang. And the natural and soft colours and materials that surround you in the Heaven Spa and connect the inside with the outside provide grounding. Guests are always invited to connect with the picturesque surroundings. The unobstructed panorama is like looking at a postcard. It is as if time stands still. Peace and quiet – a pure paradise!

“When everyone is happy and content, when nothing is too little, nothing is too much, everything is just right: Welcome to Puradies, your nature resort in Leogang.”

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Leogang, Austria


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