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Active & Wellness

SAND, Timmendorfer Strand, Germany: The grown-up hideaway

The 4 * lifestyle hotel SAND is a place of inspiration, a mix of pure naturalness and hip lifestyle - a place to feel good, which feels both cosmopolitan and uncomplicated.

Clear colors and stylish design create a retreat for body and soul, which harmonizes perfectly with the dreamlike surroundings of the Baltic Sea at Timmendorfer Strand.

SAND - Timmendorfer Strand

For guests 16 and up

Here at the German Baltic Sea, feel-good moments are created for guests aged 16 and older. For couples or solo travelers who simply want to switch off and relax. Perhaps a few days relaxing in a circle of friends - the classic girl's or guy's circle once different. In any case, the focus here is on a particularly casual atmosphere - the SAND feeling.

Just switch off and relax, our focus is on a particularly relaxed, casual atmosphere. We succeed excellently right from the start, in this place where adults are among themselves. Especially parents are grateful for this time out from the daily family routine

emphasizes Marion Muller, who has fulfilled her dream of owning her own hotel with the SAND together with her husband Lambertus

Sand Aspires Natural Design strives for natural design and a sustainable lifestyle. This law of nature has become the philosophy of the 4* lifestyle hotel at Timmendorfer Strand. How well it has succeeded to take the beauty and tranquility of a long sandy beach "into the house" and also to act ecologically, small and large details let you feel immediately.

Panoramic beach murals and clear, light colors ranging from sea blue to mother-of-pearl and sandy brown to the soft gray of pebbles and sun-bleached wood design the interiors - including the 77 rooms with designer furniture made of recycled teak and sleeping products made of pure natural materials.

With SAND we have made our dream of the perfect location for time out for two a reality,

adds Lambertus Muller.

Nature paradise at your very doorstep

The Baltic Sea, just a few steps from the hotel, invites you to experience nature all year round - especially in autumn and winter, when the sea is rough, mountains of clouds pile up in the sky and a fresh breeze blows through your hair.

In the morning you start with a late riser's breakfast and after an extensive walk on the beach the Rooftop -Sauna lures with pleasant warmth and the SANDyLoungebar with a SAND "downer" to let the day end.

A perfect vacation day!    

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