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Boca de Agua

The fact that the small town of Bacalar, located on the Yucatán Peninsula, bears the title of "Pueblo Mágico" sounds promising. After all, Mexico's Secretariat for Tourism explicitly awards this distinction to towns that shine with their typical and well-kept character. However, Bacalar's surroundings with their tropical vegetation and the beautiful Laguna de los Siete Colores (Lagoon of the Seven Colors) are also considered "magical.

Tree house living

Designed by renowned Mexican architect Frida Escobedo and hidden in dense greenery, the Boca de Agua fascinates not only with its unusual architecture. That a place was to be created here that would contribute to ecological, social and cultural regeneration and offer visitors an equally regenerative, unique experience is palpable just by looking at it: the 26 accommodations are in tree houses resting on pillars. And what gives guests the extra feeling of virtually floating in the treetops also serves to protect nature. This leaves the ground undeveloped, which in turn reduces the environmental impact.

Thanks to the pile construction, more than 90 percent of the site remained intact during the construction of the hotel buildings. Escobedo and the developers of the Boca de Agua also paid attention to sustainability when it came to building materials: The facility is made of wood and stone. Designed in such a way that it will age naturally over the years and, as it were, make its own history visible.

Authentic, sustainable design

Most of the furniture at Boca de Agua was designed by an in-house team and local craftsmen. And it was done using recycled waste from surrounding industrial companies, such as leftover wood from a regional plywood factory. But exclusive pieces from Mexican and local brands, such as light fixtures by Bandido Studio, furnishings and décor details by Cacao Design, Nossara Towel and Hacha Ceramics, also characterize the comfortably simple interior.

The 22 suites and four guest rooms are dominated by wood, soft neutral tones and lots of natural light. This results in a relaxed ambience and actually allows the interiors to merge almost magically with the nature all around when looking outside. Not only that, but the Boca de Agua is designed so that guests can share the space with the largely intact jungle. Also with the wild animals that roam freely on the property of the complex.

Best room

In the Master Pool Treehouse you can enjoy every conceivable luxury and privacy on 75m². It has its own pool, a spacious terrace and furniture specially designed for the hotel. We promise you: "you will never want to leave here again".

Recreation with "conscious" extra

In addition to its villas, the Boca de Agua of course has amenities such as a pool, roof terrace overlooking the lagoon, its own jetty, restaurant, bar and terraces. Activities of all kinds are also provided at the "magical" hotel - from "treehouse massages" to kayak or sailing tours. In addition, guests can also participate in local projects if they wish. And there are many such projects.

Boca de Agua is collaborating with the local community, local universities, regional non-governmental as well as governmental organizations to develop what is currently the only project with a rehabilitated mangrove ecosystem on the sea in Bacalar.

Culinary, local & organic

It goes without saying that the operators of the Boca de Agua also focus on regional cuisine: The resort's restaurant serves Yucatecan cuisine enhanced by international influences - prepared from local organic products.

„Discover yourself and the beauty of simple life”

Quintana Roo | CP 77963 BACALAR | Mexiko

26 rooms including 22 Suites

Price from USD 450,– to USD 1.200

Discover yourself and the beauty of simple life


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Boca de Agua



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