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Apfelhotel, St. Leonhard, Italy – Happy Place!

The Apfelhotel in South Tyrol is difficult to categorise. Somehow it doesn't fit into any category. It's not rustic, but neither is it chic. It is what it is, Erich Fried would say. It's a happy place, we say. Because the fusion of farm and hotel creates something quite unique here: an unobtrusive luxury holiday!

Refreshingly different

Is it a farm? Yes! Is it a hotel? Yes! Then is it a farm with guest rooms? No! That would be an understatement. It's a unique combo! In fact, the apple hotel in South Tyrol's Passeier Valley should have its own category of accommodation. Guests become part of a very special ecosystem in this beautiful place surrounded by apple trees and vines. Perhaps we have found the Garden of Eden among the accommodation centres. After all, it all began here with an apple…

The Torggler farm life

When Sepp Pichler took over the cattle farm 50 years ago, he was afraid that cattle would scare off a potential wife. So he decided to try apples - after all, apples are the symbol of love! The idea worked, because he found Mali, the woman of his life. They now live together with their three children and two grandchildren on the farm, which, like the family has grown over the years.


The simple apple orchard with adjoining country house has become a full-blown retreat with culinary delights from its own farm and a wide range of wellness and entertainment options: the rustic original hut is joined by modern buildings, apple trees meet palm trees, three generations are in harmony here and from fine dining to the yoga room, there is pretty much everything your heart desires. Senior boss Sepp and daughter Maria are happy to tell interested guests about the beginnings of the Apfelhotel and one or two anecdotes during a guided tour or over a glass of cider. This can also be a lot of fun.

Idyllic South Tyrol

And suddenly it no longer feels like you're just a guest. When Sepp drives past on his tractor, you can go along for a ride and help pick apples. Or you can hope to catch the one day when the grape harvest takes place. Alternatively, take a walk through the vineyards with the apple hotel sommeliers. You could also learn how to make flower wreaths from florist Martina. In the evening, take the children to the campfire to make bread or to an atmospheric garden concert. If we weren't in South Tyrol, you'd think it was Bullerbü!

Came to stay

Bullerbü, Garden of Eden, Rural Retreat or Happy Place? Perhaps we'd better leave it at the fact that the Apple Hotel is a category in itself. But wait, there must be a secret recipe. That's right! And it's even revealed… Heart, what more could you want?

to the hotel
St. Leonhard im Passeier, Italy


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