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Active & Wellness, Mindful Traveller

APFELHOTEL TORGGLERHOF: Comfort, peace, healing, relaxation

Between the forest and the orchard is the perfect place at the Apfelhotel to unwind, and there’s now a new Yoga– and movement room to do the same. The natural shades in the light-filled space ground you, the wood provides strength and the floaty curtains allow negative thoughts to be carried away on the wind. In addition to yoga or tabata sessions, meditation is another opular option with chanting, singing bowls and harmonium. Would you like a taster of what to expect? Yoga teacher Silvia takes us on an enlightening voyage through our bodies.

Please adopt a comfortable position, take a moment to focus your attention on your breath,
which flows quietly and evenly in and out…

…then register the specific places in your body where you feel tension, discomfort or pain.

Imagine this discomfort assumes a shape and appearance in that place in your body and represents an entity. Give the entity in that place in your body a shape, a size, a material, a surface, a colour, a temperature, a sound or a tone that it might be emitting…

Now please imagine that there is a source of light or energy above your head. From this source of light radiates a pleasant light in a colour of your choice that you associate with well-being and healing.

Allow it to gradually surround and envelop your body… and ultimately flow into your body through the crown of your head… to the place in your body where the entity is. The coloured light now wraps around, flows around and encircles this entity more and more… also filling the interior of the entity… until the energy of this coloured, healing light makes the entity smaller and smaller, breaks it up, perhaps… into increasingly smaller elements until finally they’re so small that you can’t feel them anymore and they spread out throughout your entire body with the healing light.

Notice how the light gradually fills your entire body moving up from your feet and your legs…
then your whole body is filled with light up to the armpit and arms so the light spills slowly out of the underarms into the arms and from the hands into the arms, until finally the shoulders, neck and head are filled with the pleasant, healing light. Keep this healing energy in your body if you want to, or follow this exercise in the near future to use this healing light as often as you like and treat discomfort in your body.

Now bring your full attention back to the here and now.

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to the hotel
St. Leonhard im Passeier, Italy


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