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Design & Architecture

art & business hotel, Nuremberg, Germany: business not as usual

Do you travel for business three or more times a month? If so, all the more reason to find a place that makes your stay as comfortable as possible, and perhaps even a bit more. Just like the art & business hotel.

When guests stay with us, they will find a cleanly designed space with a feel-good vibe and pleasant atmosphere. Ultimately, when you're travelling on business and are away from your family, it's important to feel welcome,

believes Stephanie Hirschfelder from the family-run art & business hotel

What else can guests expect? - "Aesthetics, aspiration, comfort, functionality and of course a high level of professionalism." Surveys show that business travellers have very clear requirements. At the top of the wish list are flexible check-in and check-out times, and a room with a desk where they can get their work done. No less important is their appetite for healthy, balanced meals, and particular attention is paid to this last point at the art & business hotel.

Get your day off to a great start in a light-flooded room with a view of the art garden, with an open and cheery "Good morning" and dishes made on the premises from the finest ingredients. Jams, pastries, confectionery, salads, desserts, antipasti, fruit yoghurts, porridge, muesli, different types of bread, homemade gluten-free bread and much more pile up on a table that threatens to sag under the weight. The best bit? Almost all of it has been made at the hotel. The meat products come from a gourmet butcher, some of the cheeses come from a master cheesemaker in Erlangen. The eggs are delivered from a farm, the vegetables come straight from the surrounding Knoblauchsland region. Gluten-free or vegan dishes are readily available. With everything appetisingly laid out in small individual portions, guests are able to enjoy a stress-free start to the day.

Individuality and relaxation

The art & business hotel is an easy two- minute walk from the main train station and located on the edge of the historic old town of Nuremberg, making it practical and a real time-saver. But despite all the practicalities, it's important not to forget individuality and a need for relaxation.

We only display original artworks by regional Franconian artists.

so Stephanie Hirschfelder.

There's even a whole wall that's a work of art - the gold leaf concrete wall, which was created back in 1972. Sculptures line the hotel corridors and its cosy garden. A kinetic wind chime by Hans Karl Busch exerts a soothing pull. Anyone wanting to brush up on their knowledge of wine should attend one of the wine tastings that take part throughout the year and cover a range of themes.

Because the opportunity for a little time out from work should never be missed.

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Text: Nina Prehofer



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