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Active & Wellness

Das Graseck, Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany: leave stress in the valley

Das Graseck, the solitary highlight above garmisch-partenkirchen, combines a hotel and preventive medicine centre under one roof.

The hotel’s own gondola soars over snowy forests, Garmisch-Partenkirchen becomes a dot on the landscape and at 900 metres above sea level surrounded by a nature reserve calm is restored. The first expedition to the Zugspitze set off from here in 1851, today the hotel offers advanced medicine to support personal health and fitness levels.

Advanced medicine to support personal health

A team of medical specialists, all based in the region, provide a full body check in a holiday atmosphere in the hotel’s own GAP PREVENT prevention centre. Anyone who wants to can complete all the medical screenings in one place, with just one comprehensive final consultation or have a sports medicine performance test carried out. The team of doctors supports the guest who always specifies the direction of the medical screenings themselves.

Health through indulgence

The hotel and prevention centre are managed separately but also intricately interwoven based on the motto “Health through indulgence”. The harmony of these two aspects is not only evident during an antistress massage in the hotel’s own SPA but also in the exquisite dining: fresh fish from the nearby trout farm or a carpaccio of veal from Werdenfels young bulls, sprinkled with native olive oil – this sounds like a feast even though what’s on your plate is totally healthy.

Even the spices used in the Graseck kitchen not only taste delicious but are also healing. For example, a hint of chilli gently stimulates the circulation while garlic ensures healthy veins. Anyone who would prefer to indulge in hearty Bavarian food will also find something appropriate on offer; irrespective of their cholesterol levels. As top priority is given to voluntariness at Graseck, stress is left in the valley.

Award winning innovation - a interview with Dr. Sylvia Weingart, medical director at Graseck

What is so innovative about Graseck?

Sylvia Weingart: What is unique are the independently and therefore professionally run medicine and hotel areas: The preventive guest can rely on an interdisciplinary, highly qualified team of medical specialists, who carry out medical diagnosis based on current scientific standards, upon request. The aim is to also inspire guests who are not primarily coming for health care to have a medical check up – also and especially on holiday.

Das Graseck - Sylvia Weingart, Medical Director

There is not a hospital or doctor’s surgery atmosphere here, the screenings are harmoniously integrated into your holiday,

explains Sylvia Weingart, the hotel’s Medical Director.

Which medical priorities does your team focus on?

Sylvia Weingart: One focus is on preventing cancer and cardiovascular/circulation diseases. We are also not afraid of broaching unpopular topics such as colon cancer prevention and offer endoscopic examinations with a team of experienced doctors and assistants on site. We also have urologists, dermatologists, orthopaedists, gynaecologists and dentists in the team for prevention.

The second focus is on what we offer ambitious athletes. With sporty active people, even young people, it is important to rule out a latent heart disease. Besides this we offer performance diagnostics and the compilation of a training plan to improve endurance.

How much time should guests at Graseck schedule in for your prevention screenings and how far in advance should they book a check up?

Sylvia Weingart: The scope of the recommended check up depends on the individual’s risk profile – we are happy to determine this by phone beforehand. Some guests want to complete the screenings in as short a time as possible, others schedule in at least a week for this to also have enough time to enjoy their holiday. A stay of at least three days is recommended, we also offer day check ups.

A minimum stay of one week applies to specific issues though, for example, our programmes specially developed on a scientific basis for quitting smoking or managing stress.

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Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany


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