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The Refugium Lunz: Where work becomes vacation

In today's hectic world, people often look for unique places, not only to create unforgettable experiences, but also to use as a place to work in this day and age. The Refugium Lunz, a hidden oasis in the middle of the Ybbstal Alps, offers the ideal setting for Christmas parties, meetings and workations.

Let's celebrate!

Sometimes gatherings need more than just the usual setting. The Refugium Lunz offers a festive and intimate atmosphere that is perfect for creating unforgettable memories. Here, every event becomes a special experience, be it a Christmas party or a business meeting - perfect all round with good food. The Refugium Lunz believes that true culinary art takes time. The philosophy behind this is the use of seasonal ingredients and regional products to bring the highest quality to the plate. Here, bread is made by hand, vegetables are lovingly pickled and meat is delicately marinated. Every meal reflects the inspiration of the moment and is a treat for the palate.

The Refugium's salon kitchen is the perfect place to get together before a meal, get in the mood for a time together with friends and colleagues and enjoy the culinary delights.

Workation in nature

But Refugium Lunz is also the perfect place for those looking for a break in nature. A workation in this idyllic setting is inspiring and allows you to approach tasks with renewed freshness and clarity. Surrounded by untouched nature and fresh mountain air, it is easy to replenish your energy reserves and open up new perspectives.

All in all, the Refugium Lunz is more than just a location; it is a place where experiences are created that people like to remember. The combination of festive atmosphere, exquisite cuisine and inspiring nature makes it a first-class choice for Christmas parties, meetings and workations.

So, let's go. It's time to discover the magic of this hideaway.

About Refugium Lunz

The Refugium Lunz is the vision of a place where the desire for something new and the appreciation of the past find common expression: a house to immerse yourself in and feel good in. A place that provides space and invites you to stay. When you step through the gates of Refugium Lunz, you can leave your everyday life at reception. The centuries-old vaulted arches above you give you enough space to let your thoughts wander.

to the hotel
Lunz am See, Austria


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