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Mindful Traveller

A cosy nest on a meadow slope, Hotel Nidum

What must it feel like to sit high up in a warm nest? At the Nidum, they know exactly. Of course, it’s no coincidence that the luxury hotel is named after the Latin name for the animal retreat. Mindful travellers who stay here enjoy wellness far away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.



If you enter the address Am Wiesenhang in Tyrol, you will literally reach this destination: a meadow slope on the edge of the forest surrounded by a dreamlike mountain backdrop. A hidden path between the trees leads to a tranquil lake. The beauty of the Seefeld plateau almost invites you to take a deep breath. The house with the façade reminiscent of lovingly gathered branches is the Nidum. It clearly feels at home on its hillside and is patiently waiting to welcome its guests.


The second breath of relief comes when you enter the Nidum. From now on, all worries can stay outside. Think of nothing but yourself – that’s the motto here. Where better to do this than with a beauty or massage treatment? Herbal foot bath, hot stone, massage with Swiss stone pine and honey milk or a full body scrub – how does that sound?

Let yourself drift

Well, how about a little water now? You can get in touch with the element in three different ways at the Nidum. Tension is bubbled away in the heated whirlpool on the terrace. In the green natural bathing pond, you merge with the wooded surroundings and become part of the breathtaking scenery. And in the infinity pool, relaxation can go on forever.

Gain strength

While it’s better not to break a sweat in the hustle and bustle of everyday life, you’re actually encouraged to do so here. A fitness room provides a positive way to get your pulse racing. And then there are the saunas, of which there are no fewer than four. The most spectacular of them is built into a rock and can be reached via a suspension bridge. It is affectionately known as Sauna on the Rocks. Speaking of which… from here it’s not far to the bar, where every relaxing Nidum day should end… Cheers!

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