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Experience the essence of nature at La Valise Tulum, Mexico

Experience the essence of nature at La Valise. Situated in the captivating coastal town of Tulum, Mexico, La Valise Tulum is an enchanting boutique hotel that has won the hearts of travellers worldwide. What sets this gem apart is its unwavering commitment to sustainability – an ethos that permeates every facet of its being. La Valise, as part of Namron Hospitality, upholds the Tulum Pledge, an initiative created by Namron Hospitalitythatstrives to foster sustainable practices throughout its properties.

1. Reuse to reduce

As you enter La Valise Tulum, you immediately sense a harmonious coexistence with the natural world . The hotel’s architecture seamlessly integrates with the surroundings thanks to itsuse of locally sourced and eco-friendly materials. Every meticulous detail reflects a deep appreciation for the region’s awe-inspiring beauty. In addition to its captivating design, La Valise Tulum, as part of Namron Hospitality, implements sustainable practices that align with the Tulum Pledge. The hotel provides eco-friendly amenities for all guests, promoting the protection of the Mesoamerican Reef, while adhering to a strict zero single-use plastic policy. By implementing smart water management systems, La Valise Tulum demonstrates its dedicationto preserving Tulum’s delicate ecosystem.

2. Give something back

La Valise Tulumrecognises the importance of community engagement and ethical principles. The hotel focuses on nurturing a vibrant and thriving community by actively engaging with the local community and supporting initiatives that align with the Tulum Pledge. Through partnerships and educational programmes, La Valise contributes to the social well-being of Tulum. As guardians of LADLE (Los Amigos de la Esquina), they provide support to a local children’s NGO dedicated to improving the lives of indigenous kids. Thus, La Valise, together with Namron Hospitality, makes a positive impact even beyond the realm of traditional hotel operations.

3. Honour nature

As a responsible traveller, La Valise Tulum, as part of Namron Hospitality, empowers you to explore the wonders of Tulum while leaving a positive footprint. Guided by their sustainability manifesto and the Tulum Pledge, the hotel offers a plethora of eco-friendly activities for you to immerse yourself in. Whether it’s cycling through the charming streets, taking a leisurely beach walk or supporting local businesses, every choice you make aligns with their vision of sustainable tourism. At night, you will notice the absence of excessive outdoor lighting to ensure a natural nesting environment for turtles. Embrace Tulum’s tranquillity and consider activating your phone’s silent mode or, even better, turning it off completely to fully embrace the experience.

La Valise Tulum verschreibt sich einer nachhaltigen Zukunft und verpflichtet sich als Teil von Namron Hospitality zum Tulum Pledge. Dieses Konzept wird die Namron Hospitality-Gruppe im Zuge ihrer Expansion künftig auch auf ihre Hotels in anderen Regionen ausweiten.

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