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Yves Naman – Namron Hospitality

The story begins with one man’s dream to create the ultimate boutique hotel experience.

Namron was founded with the goal of perfecting the operation and development of the ultimate boutique hotel experience. 5 hotels with iconic designs have been transformed by the in-house creative team into 4 unique experience concepts. Behind the scenes, the 5 independent properties are managed as one hotel. The model is working and new exciting projects are already in the pipeline.

The collection of artfully designed and locally rooted boutique hotels and restaurants serves as a private sanctuary. Relaxed luxury and inspiring design create a sense of privacy. In each room, you will experience a state of total relaxation. In this atmosphere, discover not only the magic of your resort but also your inner desires.

Each individual house presents itself as a unique, artistic gem and offers the highest level of personal service.

Founder of La Valise: Yves Naman

Yves Namans tireless imagination and passion for travel inspired him to create the ultimate boutique hotel experience. With the creation of Namron Hospitality, he has turned his passion into reality. His unique hotels and restaurants are located in the most desirable locations in Mexico. With a keen sense of design, local connection and attention to detail, places have been created that are memorable and inspiring.

Environmental awareness is also a characteristic that distinguishes the entrepreneur. With the Tulum Pledge, he has launched a grassroots movement calling for environmentally friendly travel.

Gründer von Namron Hospitality - Yves Namans

We ban single-use plastic on our premises, compost our waste, recycle what we can, and source only local ingredients for our restaurant. We also offer eco-friendly cosmetics, organic insect repellent, and reef-friendly sunscreen in all of our accommodations.

Yves Namans

Even if the unique design and the service quality are in the foreground to the outside world, the core of the corporate culture is the idea of sustainability. This is also reflected in the selection of the chosen hotel locations, where attention is always paid to biodiversity.


Namron Hospitality designs, markets and operates boutique hotels and high-end restaurants. Both in new projects and in the remodeling of existing ones, authentic design and local reference are at the heart of the company’s work.

La Valise Tulum

A small beach house has been transformed into an exclusive 11-room boutique hotel. La Valise Tulum is a place that revives local Mayan craftsmanship and puts it in a contemporary setting. It’s a little reminiscent of Robinson Crusoe, only hipper and more luxurious.

La Valise Mexiko City

Along the colonial street of La Roma in Mexico City are the most elegant townhouses in the Mexican capital. One of these houses is home to the exclusive boutique hotel La Valise Mexico City. Curated collectibles and antiques combined with Namron’s own design create a world that enchants and has a loyal following.

La Valise San Miguel

La Valise San Miguel has been carefully restored and combines old world elegance with modern design. The classic structure blends in with the local architecture, complementing the beauty of the surroundings and housing a true oasis.

Encantada Tulum

Pure Caribbean and the jungle at your doorstep, that’s Encantada Tulum. With only 8 rooms and located on one of the quietest stretches of beach in Tulum, this boutique hotel is the perfect retreat.

The Nest Tulum

Nomen est Omen. Here you’ll be eye level with the canopy of palm trees that line the beach at Tulum. A retreat for stylish globetrotters.

Radhoo Tulum

Artfully staged luxury in the middle of the jungle, that’s Radhoo Tulum. 14 stunning rooms where you feel close to the heartbeat of Mayan culture. Breathe-in, Breathe-out.

Discover more about the exceptional boutique hotels of the Namron-Collection here.

La Valise Tulum, La Valise San Miguel & La Valise Mexiko City are Members of Lifestylehotels.

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Mexico City, Mexico

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