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Gradonna ****s Mountain Resort, Kals am Großglockner, Austria: 6 a day

We all know the rule: five (portions of fruit and veg) a day to maintain your health! Thomas Krobath, hotel director of Gradonna****s Mountain Resort, swears by his six a day to make sure he does his bit for the environment. But what exactly is involved? Let’s find out!

Alpine nature paradise at the highest level

1 Question decision

Do I really need to take the car for this journey or can I walk it? Should I buy my meat from a large chain supermarket, where it’s probably been transported for many kilometres by truck, or should I buy it from the butcher round the corner? We all face decisions like these every day – and the best answer is usually to take the environmentally friendly alternative. Although it can be more inconvenient and expensive, it pays off in the long run. The most important thing is not allowing the intentions to be just that – but also putting them into action. We all need to follow through with our environmentally friendly and resource-efficient ideas and make them happen. That’s the only way to ensure the necessary and positive transition to greater environmental awareness.

2 Travel sustainably

The majority of emissions attributed to the tourism industry are generated by holidaymakers travelling to and from their destination. But luckily, we’ve done something about this over the past few years. For a long time now, the Gradonna****s Mountain Resort has promoted the arrival of tourists by public transport. Be it by train or by bus, guests can be picked up from any station in Lienz or Matrei-Huben and transported in an environmentally friendly manner to the car-free resort at the foot of the Großglockner in the hotel’s own hybrid vehicles.

3 Save energy and water

In this respect also, the Gradonna sets the benchmark: once they’ve arrived at the hotel, guests are able to relax in full harmony with nature. The energy for the heating and hot water is obtained from the hotel’s own wood pellet boiler. The fresh mountain water comes from a spring in the Hohe Tauern mountain range and supplies guests of the lifestyle resort in Kals with pure H2O every single day.

Gradonna - Bett

4 In harmony with nature

Anyone who’s ever been to the Gradonnas****S Mountain Resort will know that it sits above Kals like an amphitheatre. The spectacular natural surroundings and jaw-dropping view are highlights for Thomas Krobath, who gets to enjoy them every day. The hotel and 42 chalets were constructed out of wood – a traditional building material in the Alps. Because of this, the resort practically blends into the breathtaking East Tyrolean backdrop and creates a particularly leasant sense of well-being for guests. Once again, the Gradonnas Mountain Resort is a pioneer in this area: in future, it will be important to make use of sustainable raw materials for construction, and instead of standing out from nature, perhaps we should look at building and living in harmony with it.

5 Relax the natural way

A bit to the right. A little to the left. But always vegan and free from animal testing. That’s what’s best for the skin, for the environment and for animals. And it’s why the four-star resort has its own range of cosmetics products: MAGDALENA’s made in Tyrol – natural, vegan, refillable and enriched with the freshest Alpine herbs from the Hohe Tauern. Thanks to this combination, guests at the sustainable resort will find deep relaxation with a clear conscience. The Gradonna****s Mountain Resort turns time into happiness.

6 Eat regional and seasonal

We all know that you are what you eat. And that it’s best to eat regional and seasonal. The same mindset applies when shopping, and for that, guests at the Gradonna****s Mountain Resort don’t even need to leave the hotel. The hotel’s own shop has everything you could possibly need during your stay – and of course it’s all of the best quality and sourced from regional producers. Head chef Michael Karl also cooks exclusively with ingredients from regional partners, and the game, veal and beef he and his team use comes from the hotel’s own butcher. Well, we don’t actually have our own butcher, but we’re able to rely on local suppliers for our meat or can get our steak from the farm right next door. There are plenty of opportunities to eat regionally and seasonally in Austria.

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to the hotel
Kals am Großglockner, Austria


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