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Hotel des Horlogers, Le Brassus, Schweiz: The 5 wonders of Hotel des Horlogers

Hotel des Horlogers, nestled between hills and mountains and entirely surrounded by nature, has many stories to tell – from watchmakers to nature and time for yourself, about the important things in life and the five wonders of the region.

One: Authenticity

The hotel’s location in the Vallée de Joux, also known as the cradle of watchmaking, dates back to 1857 – when watchmaking was still booming and the Hotel des Horlogers was called the Hotel de France. To this day, the hotel remains a gathering place for nature lovers and watchmaking enthusiasts. And in 2022, the hotel still embodies the spirit of these watchmakers.

Tow: Harmony

At the Hotel des Horlogers, the boundaries between nature and architecture are broken down to make room for harmony and to be in tune with the surroundings. The hotel is built directly into the hillside, almost merging with nature, and the same architectural style has been used to create special viewing platforms. The interior design concept was inspired by a walk through the Risoud forest, thus creating harmony inside the hotel as well in the form of wood and tree branches.

Three: Ingenuity

Hotel des Horlogers has borrowed ingenuity from the watchmakers and extends it into the architecture and even further into the guest experience. The rooms feature panoramic windows that offer a view of the entire Vallée de Joux and tempt visitors to just sit and marvel. Hotel des Horlogers is keen to protect the lakes, the forests and the mountains you can see from these panoramic windows. The hotel itself has been built using an environmentally responsible method, is completely digitised and meets the Minergie environmental requirements for energy efficiency. On the roof, guests will find 86 photovoltaic panels, and if they’re looking for plastic during their stay, they will come away empty handed. Additionally, the hotel spa uses only the power of plants to create innovative high-tech skincare. 

Four: Freedom

In the Vallée de Joux, there are no time restrictions. Here you make time for yourself and connect with the wonders of nature. And is there any better way to connect with nature than through food? Guests can slow down during dinner at Brasserie Le Gogant, where chef Emmanuel Renaut (three Michelin stars) creates dishes made from carefully chosen seasonal produce, or fruit, vegetables and aromatic plants from the hotel’s own garden. After dinner, Le Bar des Horlogers invites its guests to discover signature cocktails made with plants and trees found in the Risoud forest. The bar itself embodies the energy of residents and the watchmakers. If someone is craving something more restrained, the hotel offers wines, brewed beers and distilled spirits – all locally produced. Even the coffee beans for the morning espressos have been roasted in the Vallée de Joux and placed in biodegradable capsules.

Five: Nature

The Vallée de Joux has a lot to offer – during both summer and winter. In the snowy season, the Vallée de Joux becomes Europe’s biggest natural ice-skating rink. And if you don’t like ice skating, you can go skiing, snowshoeing, winter hiking or sledging. There’s just no end to the activities on offer. For a more historic approach, the Vallée de Joux has a lot of museums about its heritage – just in case it’s too cold outside.

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Le Brassus, Switzerland


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