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Hotel Stein, Salzburg, Austria: Journey into the blue

Some hotels are more than simply a place to spend the night. Hotel Stein in Salzburg is one of them, featuring interior design with historical influences and the most regal of colours, all in keeping with the theme of “Salzburg meets Venice”.

Who would have thought that Salzburg and Venice had so much in common?

In the areas of art and culture in particular, there are some remarkable parallels. It was Venetian architects Vincenzo Scamozzi and Alessandro Vittoria who had a huge influence on the artists and buildings in Salzburg in around 1600. Today, this Venetian influence is a blue ribbon – quite literally – that runs through not just the city itself, but also one of the most renowned buildings in Mozart’s Salzburg: Hotel Stein.

Blue is much more than just a colour here. It is a dominant
stylistic device and its pivotal role in the harmonious interior
design is clear for all to see. The link between Hotel Stein
and the lagoon city isn’t just artistic, it’s also a matter of
business, with Venetian glass manufacturer Barovier & Toso
being owned by the same family as the traditional Salzburg
hotel. Things that belong together will always end up

A blue ribbon

Hotel Stein - Lobby

Handcrafted masterpieces from the Venetian glassworks – as blue as the lagoon – create a wholly unique design landscape. A glass lighting installation in the stairwell spanning over seven floors leads guests up to the rooms and suites, which are adults-only spaces and as individual as the guests from all over the world that stay in them. The multifaceted, shimmering design object gleams in every possible shade of blue, so it’s worth marvelling at each individual element as if they were in a gallery. But don’t forget they look different all the time depending on the light that hits them.

It’s not just Hotel Stein that has a history worthy of note – Barovier & Toso does, too. It is one of the world’s oldest family-run companies and has made glass works of art for designer names as big as Dior, Dolce & Gabbana and Cartier.

Back to Salzburg:

In perfect harmony with the glass masterpieces, exquisite fabrics from Venetian fabric manufacturer Rubelli adorn furniture and walls. Be it rich velvet in a warm golden yellow and vibrant turquoise (a colour combination that can be found throughout the whole hotel), blue rugs or mosaic floors – the new lightness of the chosen colour palette and materials pairs perfectly with the historic building. As we mentioned at the beginning: some hotels are much more than a place to sleep. Hotel Stein is most definitely a work of art. A blue one, naturally.

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Salzburg, Austria


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