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TRIFORÊT ALPIN RESORT, Hinterstoder: When architecture becomes nature

The majestic mountains are more than just a backdrop here. The intense scent of the forest, the rays of light, the mountain panorama, the snow - the surroundings have a significant influence on the architecture and design of the newly opened Triforêt alpin.resorts in Hinterstoder in the Pyhrn-Priel region.


Once upon a time, there was a businessman from America who returned to his Upper Austrian homeland during the pandemic and spent many hours in nature. One day, he discovered a disused guest house from the old days …
What sounds like the beginning of a fairy tale is, of course, exactly what happened. Investment specialist and former Accenture managing director Michael Fröhlich woke the former Hinterstoder mountain hotel from its slumber after discovering it during the lockdown at home.


He brought Klaus Landerl on board for the structural realisation of the project. The managing director of Arkform is known for harmonising architecture with nature. The main house from the 1970s was gently renovated and supplemented with 20 independent chalets. Local woods and natural stone were used. Demolished rubble was recycled on site.


With its large and many small peaks, the Triforêt blends seamlessly into the Hinterstoder mountain landscape. The triangular shape is unobtrusive - the entire area is reminiscent of a small mountain village taken from a modern fairytale book. The point of orientation here is not a church, but an equally adorable high stand, which has been decorated with pink neon lights by artist Billi Thanner.


Nicole Daniel-Fröhlich, Interior Consultant with a strong passion for design, is responsible for the entire interior design. Her wish: to feel like you are in your own living room. The natural, rather dark colours, which also appear on the exterior façade, convey a sense of security, as if you were in a cave, but with plenty of light shining in. The specially created ice crystal lights provide a sparkle at certain points. And so the lonely mountain hotel has now been transformed into a stylish alpine resort.

"The basic idea behind the Triforêt was always to reactivate an existing derelict hotel site in a way that conserves nature and resources as much as possible. It was particularly important to us to preserve what already existed and to build on and seal as little new space as possible"

Klaus Landerl says

to the hotel
Hinterstoder, Österreich


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