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Gradonna Mountain Resort, Kals, Austria: restful sleep in the mountains

For the late riser the world is in good order for a longer period of time. This aphorism by Uli Löchner probably raises only a tired smile from some people. Sleep problems lead to sleepless nights for more and more people. Getting a good nights sleep is especially important for your health and well-being. And there's nothing worse than checking into a hotel to relax - and then not get a wink of sleep. At Gradonna Mountain Resort at the foot of the Grossglockner in East Tyrol there is a remedy. The certified Sleep-Well© Sommeliers at the Design Hotel know all the tricks.

"There are many things that can help you sleep - especially when you make a daily ritual out of it.

Eat a light dinner as early as possible, switch off your smartphone and TV well before going to bed, make sure you have a good sleeping environment, settle down and get some fresh air - there are many tips,"

Brigitte Berger, General Manager & trained sleep coach.

These tips are readily passed on to the guests by the Sleep-Well© Sommeliers. The Sleep-Well-Days include, among other things, a relaxing massage, a relaxation meditation and a special bedtime treat every day. In addition to old home remedies such as honey milk or herbal tea, Gradonna guests can also choose from a wide variety of pillows: They come filled with pine flakes, mountain herbs or mountain hay - according to individual needs.

The hotel itself also helps the guests to calm down. The 41 Châlets of the four-star-superior resort are located in the middle of the forest, the eleven-story tower with spacious rooms rises out of the trees and offers breath-taking views of the Grossglockner. Lots of wood, lots of glass and the floors are made of the stone coming from the surrounding mountains. Only materials from the area were used. And the area has it all. The untouched nature of the Hohe Tauern National Park provides the necessary relaxation with fresh alpine air and absolute silence. The wood-panelled rooms smell aromatically of pine wood, the loden curtains improve the indoor climate and shut out all the light.

Are you well rested?

Once you've had a good night's sleep, you can slumber some more at the 3,000 m2 big spa, float in the pleasantly warm water of the indoor or outdoor pool, meditate, get a massage, or take a yoga class. If you choose to be more active the hiking and mountain biking trails in the area are worth exploring.

For winter sports enthusiasts the Gradonna Mountain Resort is heaven on earth. The resort has a sports shop and ski rental, a ski school, a complimentary beginner ski area, a cross-country ski track - and the direct connection to the largest ski area in East Tyrol. When you finally leave the hotel relaxed and well rested, you take home with you the tips on how to get a good night’s rest. And you can finally agree with Heinrich Heine who once said: "Sleep truly is the most delicious invention."

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Kals am Großglockner, Austria


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