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Hallstatt Hideaway: with a difference

The Hallstatt Hideaway is different. Not just for the sake of it, but because it was developed on the basis of a study on work of the future.

The question was: what spaces are needed by people who, through team and project work, are floating in an interconnected private and professional world?

The people needs

These people are mobile, changing city or continent for their projects. Hotels are their home; airports, stations and other third places their familiar surroundings. They see planet Earth as their country and have friends all over the world. When they enter a hotel, they expect to find their way around easily and to get a strong sense of the region they are in. They make little distinction between analogue and digital, and an ultra-rapid connection to the Internet is their lifeline. They decide when to go offline. With the same assurance, they expect natural materials, clean water and pure air. They enjoy features and services from the region and value a healthy lifestyle. That is why they eat healthily, and expect not just an espresso machine and kettle in their room, but also the wherewithal for making fresh smoothies or juice. They breakfast at all hours, and sleep, work and relax to their own schedule. They are flexible and expect their hosts to be so too.

Hallstatt Hideaway, Balcony

Creating the best possible

A desire to create the best possible environment for people like this to relax and unwind was behind the development of the PRIVATE SUITES, which combine quiet luxury with flexibility and regional charm. Guests can slip into traditional felt slippers and take the deep breath of someone in welcoming, familiar surroundings. They don't want endless instructions on the hotel rules and the area – or will ask themselves if they need information. The Hideaway-iPad is a positive, helpful guide. Guests can explore their room from the comfort of the sofa with their feet up, virtually opening the drawers and checking how available devices work. The same applies for the private sauna with views of the lake, the hotel garden and a whole range of local destinations.

Make your choice

Guests can choose from the huge selection on a personal, emotional level. Recommendations left by other guests are one great help, and visitors looking for something specific can chat with the service team or arrange a visit. Asian and Indian guests in particular love this concept; their everyday life is much more digitalised than that of the average European. Together, guests enjoy the peace and quiet of the high alpine countryside. They can also rent the Hideaway Alm for one or two nights to enjoy the stillness away from civilisation. The secret Hideaway is a place of quiet for the true connoisseur. The Hideaway Alm can be hired with or without a cook, so nothing gets in the way of carefree relaxation. Our future will be different … and we are still alike!

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Hallstatt, Austria


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