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Lifestylehotels™ goes Mexico

We are constantly striving to expand internationally and for the first time we can introduce you to new hotspots in Mexico - La Valise Hotels

Rocco Bova was engaged as brand ambassador for South and Latin America. The renowned hospitality expert was, among other things, GM of the Chablé Resort in Yucatan and can look back on a long, solid career in the hotel industry. With his own company, My Humble House, he represents the agendas of Lifestylehotels™ on the American continent – and does so with success.

Rocco originally from Italy but a global citizen for over 25 years. A hospitality industry enthusiast, who has worked in 11 countries since 1995 – beginning in Europe, then moving to the Middle East, Asia, Africa, and finally Mexico more than 5 years ago, where he currently resides and works on his project ‘My Humble House’.

With the La Valise Hotels of the Namron Hospitaliy Group, the first 3 hotels in Mexico could now be won. Yves Naman, the owner of Namron, pursues with his individual hotel concepts exactly the goals that are essential for lifestyle hotels – authentic, contemporary design with a strong local influence, socially responsible and relaxed luxury, sustainability and a hollistic overall experience.

Yves Namans tireless imagination and passion for travel inspired him to create the ultimate boutique hotel experience. With the creation of Namron Hospitality, he has turned his passion into reality. His unique hotels and restaurants are located in the most desirable locations in Mexico. With a keen sense of design, local connection and attention to detail, places have been created that are memorable and inspiring.

Yves Naman, founder of Namron Hospitality Group and the Tulum Pledge. With the Tulum Pledge, he has created a grassroots movement calling for eco-friendly travel.

The new member hotels at a glance

La Valise Mexiko City

Along the colonial street of La Roma in Mexico City are the most elegant townhouses in the Mexican capital. One of these houses is home to the exclusive boutique hotel La Valise Mexico City. This hidden gem with only 3 rooms, has become a real insider tip since its opening. Those who want to stay here should plan well in advance. Curated collectibles and antiques combined with Namron’s own design create a world that enchants. In the middle of the lively metropolis and yet an oasis of tranquility.

La Valise Tulum

A small beach house has been transformed into an exclusive 11-room boutique hotel. La Valise Tulum is a place that revives the local Mayan craftsmanship and puts it in a contemporary setting. With great sophistication, traditional craftsmanship and modern design are combined in a unique concept. Tulum is known for its serenity and spiritual vibe. This is exactly the feeling that comes over you when you enter the hotel. Hammocks swaying in the breeze, the scent of copal incense filling the air, the sound of the sea and the breathtaking nature immediately create a feeling of relaxation.  The infinity pool is just a few steps away from the dream beach. A little bit you feel reminded of Robinson Crusoe, only hipper and more luxurious.

La Valise San Miguel

After careful restoration, the classic structure of the house blends seamlessly with the local architecture and complements the beauty of the surroundings. The heart of La Valise San Miguel is the oasis in the courtyard. Here, time ceases to exist. The gently swaying lemon trees, the murmur of the water and the sun’s incoming rays make space and time melt away.  A double Chichimeca staircase forms the center of the garden and frames the ancient cultural omens. The aesthetics of the architecture and the staged design elements create a serene, almost mystical athmosphere.

About us

We take you to places where you are allowed to unfold. Discover not only new places, but also discover yourself. The world you will be taken to is a world of allowing and mindfulness. Mindfulness is more than a buzzword at many of the member hotels. Farm-to-table concepts, the support of local artists, a particularly resource-conserving operation of the hotel, or the meditative experience of nature are just a few examples of the efforts of our hoteliers. The demand for aesthetics and quality is and remains central in our vision for a modern hotel industry, but in the sense of the new spirituality more mindful and sustainable.

La Valise Tulum, La Valise Mexiko City & La Valise San Miguel are members of Lifestylehotels™ .

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Mexico City, Mexico

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