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Aiola Living Boutique Hotel, Graz, Austria: so wow

There is one word no one would use in connection with the new Aiola Living Hotel in Graz’s old town, and that is “inconspicuous”. For one thing is clear: It is impossible to overlook this interior design.

Floral carpets, feather lampshades, velvety furniture, and colours – and COLOURS.

It seems like a mixture of The Grand Budapest Hotel and the Moulin Rouge. Sounds crazy? It is, but meant in the best possible way – and that is exactly how it feels when you enter the hotel. You could say “Neue Gemütlichkeit” to explain what owners Judith and Gerald Schwarz have designed and put together with hard work and a lot of passion for their “home from home”.

For inspiration, they draw on their annual trips to the “Maison & Objet” in Paris, a buzzing trade fair for the latest living and design trends."I love this fair and what I love even more is looking for the most beautiful objects and bringing them home with me. That is my way of sharing my pleasure with others", enthuses Judith Schwarz.

"People who love an urban, creative lifestyle also love Aiola Living."

so Doris Raminger

She must surely have brought home several lorryloads to Graz for the Aiola Living, for each of the 46 rooms and three apartments has its own individual design and contains – most unusually for a hotel – a whole range of decorative objects to make guests feel comfortable and at home. Magnificent vases, lovely plants (with watering instructions), a selection of lamps and funny animals. Everything captivating down to the last detail, and each object telling its own story. Each room also has a rain shower, wooden floor, box-spring bed, coffee maker and a host of other wonderful extras. "It is as if you were visiting a lovable, adventurous, wonderful and slightly crazy friend", laughs hotel director Doris Raminger.

Coffe house & gym with personal coaching.

The cakes and unashamedly delicious desserts from baking genie Hannah are also to die for. They can be enjoyed not just by the hotel guests, but by anyone with a sweet tooth – after the hotel breakfast, the coffee house opens its doors to everyone. This was important to Judith Schwarz and Doris Raminger. They wanted the hotel to be a magical place for Graz locals and not just guests from around the world. Both the coffee house and the gym with personal coaching from Matthias Snobe are open to the general public.

AIOLA world

And if you can’t get enough of the Aiola lifestyle, simply explore the many options Graz has to offer. Alongside Restaurant Landhauskeller, the Asian dinner club Miss Cho and Club Katzekatze just round the corner from the hotel, Café Promenade, Aiola Upstairs at the Schlossberg and the Aiola im Schloss St. Veit are also part of the AIOLA world.

For everyone

You could say that the AIOLA LIVING Hotel is for holidaymakers, business travellers, globetrotters, romantics, town planners, philanthropists and lovers of design. For everyone, even for dogs. If the hotel has given you inspiration for a new interior concept for your own home, then a trip to the AIOLA LIVING Store a bare 50 metres from the hotel is a must. You can more or less buy the hotel to take away. Just as the hotel’s motto says: “A stay to take with you.”

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Text: Nina Prehofer

to the hotel
Graz, Austria


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