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Aiola Living, Graz, Österreich: The AIOLA Family or “The story of a gut feeling”

It was 1998 and somewhere in Graz, when the Judith and Gerald Schwarz started to have a gut feeling bout a place of desire - AIOLA. A place with lots of great people, exciting food and drinks and lots of fun. It was only fantasy, but it felt incredibly real. 

So Judith and Gerald listened to their gut and made the wish come true: 

Aiola Living - Aiola Family

The first own café - the great place to be happy. That was how it all began. And this is how it all went on. Because over and over again their feeling told them about new places they wanted to visit. And again and again and again they listened to it.

It talked about a castle to say "I do", a restaurant - right under the open sky, a café where you can have breakfast all day long on weekends; a mansion with a cocktail bar and a mobile hot dog stand.

One thing was always the same - and that is that everything is always different. Not only the concept and the design, but also the people who bring their personality and passion to the table - and contribute what Aiola really makes come alive. People like Simon, Alexandra, Walter, Alex, Billi, Matthias and Doris - who started as co-workers, continued as friends and today are the Aiola family. And this gut feeling? It's still telling about other things than food.

Aiola Living - Boutique Hotel

From a cozy boutique hotel, where you live unlike than in a hotel, more like staying with friends. In which each room tells a new story and looks different. In which you can take the furnishings you like with you simply by buying them in the company-owned interior store. And where you can meet people from all over the world - even people from Graz who are on their way to the public gym, for example. That will be very soon.

And then: the Aiola family will wait a little at times until their gut feeling gets louder again. Maybe the thoughts just rest in one of the 50 rooms. You will hear about that feeling when there is something to tell again.

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to the hotel
Graz, Austria


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