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Active & Wellness

Dunes and To Dos at Hotel SAND

How can you make your working day a little more varied? Our tip: with a workation stay at the Baltic Sea in Hotel SAND! Swap the office chair for a beach chair, the natural materials used for the hotel's interior inspire completely new, sustainable ideas. The fantastic view of Timmendorfer Strand from the roof terrace sparks creative ideas and every e-mail to business partners ends with SANDy greetings.

A SANDtastic idea

The novel you've always wanted to write, the annual team-building event or simply the desire for a holiday that can be reconciled with work commitments? Hotel SAND knows how to help its guests achieve a better work-life balance. In the relaxed co-working space, checking emails is much easier than at home. The private room can also be used for spontaneous meetings with up to 12 people.

Feel the SAND

In addition to the right space, it is also the stylish ambience that ensures inspiring moments and creative inspiration. The furnishings are a mindful reflection of the surroundings with calming natural elements. It feels as if you are taking a walk on Timmendorfer Strand beach inside. The carpets with a deceptively real sand pattern are a particular eye-catcher in the hotel. The sculptural stone lamps and bed heads made of natural wood are also unique style elements. The colour palette in cream, brown and green underlines the natural touch. Pure SAND feeling!

Move the SAND

If you are mentally active, you should also get your body moving. Active breaks are important, especially when you are on holiday. The bamboo bikes from my Boo are a wonderfully gentle way to explore the Bay of Lübeck. Back at the hotel, a legendary SANDdowner awaits in the roof terrace spa with rooftop sauna and viewing platform. Cheers, what a wonderful working day. If only every working day could be like this…

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Timmendorfer Strand, Germany


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