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SAND, Timmendorfer Strand, Germany: Sustainable freedom on two wheels

SAND on Timmendorf beach has always scored with individuality, highest quality, sustainability and naturalness. More than ever, regional sustainability is an important concern for the warm-hearted hosts. Not surprisingly they are pleased about a cooperation with the Kiel-based bicycle brand my Boo, which produces environmentally friendly bamboo bicycles and thus supports social projects in Ghana. The bikes are perfect for discovering the cyclist paradise on the Baltic Sea.

What is freedom? For me the following scene comes very close to the feeling of freedom. I am gliding silently and without much physical effort along the cycle path. The constant roar of the surf that reaches my ear is pleasantly soothing. My gaze wanders over the sandy beach and the rippling sea to the horizon, where the sun rises majestically from the water. The clear air tickles my nose and conjures a blissful smile on my face.

Feeling free and carefree

Freedom is within reach here at Timmendorf beach on the Baltic Sea. Spending your free “off" time responsibly and consciously. Feeling free. Free from all the mundane tasks and problems that everyday life brings with it. Especially in challenging times it is good to feel completely free and carefree.

SAND - beach

It's also feels good to do something meaningful on the side while riding a bike. Because I am not sitting on just any bicycle. The bamboo frame may seem exotic and out of place here on the Baltic Sea. But the bamboo bicycle from the Kiel-based company my Boo, which I borrowed shortly before from the wonderful Boutique Hotel SAND, is an exciting combination of a sustainable natural raw material and technical sophistication.

We have deliberately chosen this unique, sustainable and socially oriented bicycle brand. Especially due to recent developments, regional sustainability has become even more important to us,

reveals Marion Muller, host

Together with her husband, she is the congenial host at SAND on Timmendorf beach. Individuality, top quality, sustainability and naturalness have been the top priorities of the two passionate hoteliers from the very beginning.

Paradise for cyclists

Guests can rent ten my Boo bikes at SAND to discover the 66 cycling routes around Timmendorf beach. "The area is a true paradise for cyclists. Especially now in autumn and the beginning of winter. It is flat, the natural scenery is simply enchanting and our guests are spoilt for choice: they can choose between 41 cycling tours, four racing bike tours and 20 long-distance cycling tours through the region," says Marion Muller.

But that is not all. "On our roof terrace, we have an exclusive rooftop outdoor sauna for up to two people that can be rented individually. The Sun Divan sun loungers invite you to take a relaxing break with the necessary distance and the incredible view. And recently we have also added two my Boo fitness bikes on the terrace. So you can enjoy our beautiful Baltic Sea from above while cycling on the spot", smiles Muller.

SAND - my Boo Bambus Bikes

80 hours of handwork

Every single my Boo bicycle frame is lovingly handmade in Ghana – it takes around 80 hours of skilful handwork. The bikes are then assembled in Kiel. Every bike has a lasting effect in Ghana. All profits go into loans and educational projects, especially in the form of school scholarships. In addition, 30 jobs with a long-term perspective in Ghana are thus ensured. Bamboo is an ingenious raw material: it grows back incredibly fast, is found in large quantities in Ghana, binds extremely high amounts of CO2 and is therefore one of the most environmentally friendly resources. The material itself is stable, light as aluminium and therefore ideal for building bicycles.

After an extensive bicycle tour along the Baltic Sea, regional organic delicacies and a cosy nightcap in the SANDbar, you snuggle into bed for a well-deserved rest. The SAND stands out above all for its natural character. All rooms are furnished with furniture made of recycled teak wood and high-quality textiles made of pure natural materials.

Breakfast for late risers

If you want to sleep in late, you can look forward to the breakfast for late risers which is served until 1 pm. Here, too, mainly regional organic products are used.

The organic eggs come from a family friend in the neighbourhood, the rolls are home-baked, and the home-made jams, such as marzipan-strawberry or mango-mint, are gladly taken home by guests as souvenirs.

After breakfast you can head to the nearby beach and let your gaze wander over the Baltic Sea. You will probably also feel free, carefree and balanced. Who would have thought that such an uplifting feeling would still be experienced in this extraordinary year?

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Timmendorfer Strand, Germany


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