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Place for holistic health and healing

Ecohotel El Agua is located in the middle of a beautiful natural landscape in the quiet historic village of Arico el Nuevo in the south of Tenerife. Based on the ideas of holistic health and healing, naturopathy and mindfulness, a wide range of therapies are offered. The most important therapies include deep fasting and regenerative autophagy with medical support, as well as cryotherapy, the targeted use of cold to achieve therapeutic effects. The offer ranges from yoga and Pilates to vegan nutrition, various relaxing and therapeutic massage techniques such as Shiatsu, breathing exercises and meditation. Hydrotherapy, a particularly gentle treatment option, is also used for regeneration. A stay at the Ecohotel will help you in transforming your mind and in rejuvenating your body.

Aesthetics & unique natural scenery

The resort has been designed with a very natural and unique aesthetic line and places great emphasis on sustainability, which can be felt and seen in all areas. The opening of the first villa is planned for June 2022. In the 80 square metres villa with infinity pool and jacuzzi, you can retreat on 200 square metres of private terrace and garden to enjoy silence and to reconnect with yourselve. At the same time, you can choose from a wide range of holistic integrative medical therapies or explore the extraordinary surroundings.

The therapies

Ecohotel El Agua is the first design hotel to offer a comprehensive holistic range of integrative medical therapies.

The main therapies include:

Simply romantic

In the south of Italy in the Sassi of Matera, UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1993, the Sextantio Le Grotte della Civita was constructed as a cultural project of restoration of ancient caves. With the project, the Sextantio Group and the Cathedral Society want to honor the historical heritage. The buildings and caves now serve as spacious, romantic boutique rooms and suites and impress with authentic romance. The suites and common room in the Cripta della Civita, an ancient rock church, offer breathtaking views of the Gravina stream against the backdrop of Murgia Park.

Classic & traditional

Culinary wishes remain unfulfilled at Sextantio Le Grotte della Civita. The day starts with a hearty breakfast on the terrace overlooking the dramatic landscape. The famous bread of Matera, freshly baked focaccia, homemade sweets, fresh seasonal fruit, mozzarella, ricotta, natural yogurt and delicious jams are supplied by the organic farmer in the area.

At the exclusive dinner, by candlelight, flickering fireplace and classical music, local wines and traditional dishes of Matera are served in the rock church. Under the guidance of a talented cook from Matera, you can learn the ancient art of making homemade pasta according to authentic recipes. The deconsecrated 13th century church can also be booked for a private dinner for 2 – a suggestive and distinctly romantic experience in a mystical setting.

Best Room – Honeymoon suite with fireplace

The cave 13 or better known as the honeymoon suite, it is the only cave that extends over several levels: about 80 square meters, divided between a gallery sleeping area with large window and balcony with panoramic views of Murgia Park, living room and bath in a romantic exclusive cave with fireplace.

The soul of the village

Sextantio Albergo Diffuso is a fortified medieval village in the mountains of Abruzzo in the National Park Gran Sasso and Monti della Laga. The hotel breathes life back into the historic castle village. With the help of the Museum “Genti d’Abruzzo” over 10 years has been tried to remain faithful to the ancient traditions and customs and to give the hotel as best as possible the original identity stamp of a medieval village. Travel through time, into another world and let yourself be enchanted.

Authenticity & tradition

The interior design of the rooms is inspired by pictures taken by the Swiss guide Paul Scheuermeier in Abruzzo in the 1920s. In order to preserve the unity of the aesthetic-affective interior design and avoid the excessive use of contemporary elements, native objects, as well as ancient and traditional local materials are used. The search for the archaic soul of these spaces has led to the preservation of the small windows, the subdued light, the uneven floors. Handmade soaps from olive oil and other products made strictly according to traditional methods are part of the thoughtful decoration of the rooms. In the rustic restaurant “LOCANDA SOTTO GLI ARCHI” local ingredients are prepared into traditional dishes according to the original recipe and, of course, is eaten from handmade kermaik plates and pottery.

Best Room – Suite Loggette

On the second floor of the suite Loggette there is a small library with a fireplace where you can linger to enjoy a glass of liqueur while you browse a good book on the sofa. Upstairs there is a large double bedroom with fireplace in front of the bed, with a hand-woven woolen blanket in antique Abruzzo design, separate bathroom with bathtub. Balcony with external loggia overlooking the alleys of the village, while from the opposite window you can enjoy the view of the pine forest.

Awaken your senses

On the edge of the National Park of the Llevant Peninsula near the town of Artà in northeast Mallorca, the famous Mallorcan architect Toni Esteva has created a wellness hotel in a class of its own – Es Racó D’Artà. A retreat full of color and texture, unique smells and tastes, sounds of nature, elegant art and minimalist architecture.

In addition to classic Mallorcan life, Es Racó D’Artà offers a variety of workshops from culinary, agriculture, handicrafts, meditation and yoga. Alone or in a group, guests can explore the surrounding area on foot, by bike, or on horseback. Afterwards, the spa and wellness area with whirlpool and sauna offers the perfect place to unwind.

Inspired by the origins of Mallorca

The old Mallorcan estate from the 13th century is a great project of nature, culture and sustainability. On almost 200 hectares of land, in addition to the hotel complex, there are vineyards, orchards, wheat fields and beehives for its own honey production. A place to connect with oneself and one’s surroundings and to follow new spiritual paths.

The 34 double rooms are spread throughout the grounds, some in the main building, some in casitas with private pools. Minimalist design and noble, natural materials characterize the interior and reflect the harmony with nature. Ecological and regional diversity can also be found throughout the grounds – in the hotel’s own restaurant in the form of traditional Mediterranean cuisine.

Best Room – Casita with private pool

Es Racó D’Artà - Best Room

Enjoy privacy and exclusivity in your 50 sqm casita with private pool. Wake up to the sound of the water and refresh yourself with a jump into cool water. After an eventful day, relax in the 70 sqm outdoor area. Enjoy the warm rays of the sun on the terrace, read a book under the open starry sky or make yourself comfortable in the Balinese bed.

Where the stars are within reach

In the boutique hotel Verina Astra you have the feeling of becoming one with the Aegean Sea and its endless expanses. The hotel is located on a hill in Poulati, directly above the Panagia tis Poulatis Church, viewing the picturesque village of Kastro. Thanks to breathtaking panoramic views and enchanting nights on the island, the stars over Sifnos are within reach from the Verina “Astra” – which means “stars” in Greek.

Incredible views, breathtaking tranquility and exceptional privacy

The total of 16 rooms and suites are named after constellations and are set amid romantic gardens. The private terraces and infinity pool offer stunning views of the sea, which merges with the horizon to form a seemingly endless blue. The hotel’s design is minimalistic and understated in a Cycladic style. An exceptional and unique combination of traditional architecture and modern design elements that blend harmoniously with the natural environment. Organic materials such as natural stone, ceramics and flowing linen fabrics create a calm and cozy atmosphere.

Mediterranean with a twist

Seasonality and regionality are top priorities at Verina Astra. The Mediterranean cuisine relies primarily on fresh ingredients sourced from the surrounding Sifnos area and from their own organic cultivation. The cuisine combines the local culinary heritage and traditional dishes with today’s modern approaches. Sophisticated combinations of food from the sea and land make the stay on the Greek Cyclades Island unique.

Best Room – Norma & Indus

Relax and enjoy your private stay in one of the brand new pool suites. Isolated from the rest of the hotel complex, the suites Norma and Indus have private infinity pools with spacious indoor and outdoor areas, a large veranda with a pergola and an incredible sea view.

Surrounded by Nature

ZASH Country Boutique Hotel is a boutique hotel where guests rediscover a time where they live in another dimension, made of slow gestures, new visions and mysterious voices: zash, splash, cucù, crag, ciuf, druum, pluf – the instinctive and hidden sounds of nature. To be surrounded by the volcano stones and scents of orange blossom, then all is quiet. It is the pleasure of life.

Elegant, slow and silent

The aim of the design concept of the architect Antonio Iraci and Carla Maugeri was that elegant historical fragments meet the contemporary. The 17 rooms which include 8 suites, bring out the physicality of nature respecting the traces of the past. The majesty of Mount Etna and the transparency of the sea are the two strong contrasts that join together in the micro territories of this splendid side of Sicily.

This concept is carried through to the culinary experiences of the hotel. The Zash Restaurant is located where time has stopped: a special cozy intimate space. Where wine was fermenting in the old days, guests can experience the slow dimension of tastes, space and times. The Chef Giuseppe Raciti and his team mix creativity, tradition and territory to create the one star Michelin cuisine.

Inside the Nature at Zash there is the Zash’s nature: a retreat for contemporary wellbeing. Experience the outdoor pool with Etna view or the silent lemon garden. The pool is made of Etna lava stone, strong and powerful. Bare feet touch the water and feel the wood, while the warmth of intimate spaces meets the local aromas. At the Zash’s Spa area guests can immerse themselves in the nature with a yoga class at the orange garden or have a massage, nothing is left to chance.

In this intimate and private retreat, the combination of Mediterranean and volcanic influences will make the relaxing experience unique.

Best Room – Pool Villa Spa

The Pool Villa Spa express the concept of the Country Boutique Hotel at the fullest. The 40m2 suite is separated from the main building and offers absolute privacy with a terrace with private bath and an exclusive view of the Etna and the sea. The green design is amplified by the natural extension created by the glass walls and citrus grove around.

Where nature and imagination run wild

If you are looking for a place far away from the stresses and demands of your daily life, the Treehotel up north in Sweden could be your ideal retreat. At Treehotel nature, ecological values, comfort and modern design are combined for an exciting adventure,  surrounded by seemingly endless forests overlooking the Lule River.

The 5 rooms and 2 suites with exciting names such as “Mirrorcube” or The UFO” are designed to be a part of the spectacular nature and landscape. But each one of the secluded and comfortable rooms, located about 4-6 meters above the forest floor is unique. 6 different Scandinavian architects designed the rooms and made them as special as they could be. Of course, all of them are built and equipped in a sustainable way.

The hotel is run by locals –Britta Jonsson-Lindvall and her husband Kent Lindvall. The couple loves their home region and realized this amazing hotel idea together, welcoming guests with great hospitality.  As they see also the restaurant as a significant part of being at one with nature, all kind of Swedish delicacies from the northern pantry is served – from wild game to finest hand-picked berries.

Two different sauna buildings  with shower and relaxroom, one of them with a private outdoor jacuzzi, await you after an exciting day exploring the outdoors in all four seasons – whether you prefer speed and adventure or tranquility and time for reflection, the team of Treehotel offers a wide range of activities.

Best Room – 7th room

The newest suite with panaramic windows facing the river valley and skylight windows in the 2 bedrooms, offers different experience levels. Dominated by Scandinavian wooden interiors and textiles, the 7th room is particularly cosy due to the temperature-controlled fireplace that lights itself below a certain temperature on cold witnerlights. It was designed by the Norwegian company Snöhetta.

Idyllic oasis of calm

The Seehof Nature Retreat in the Eisack Valley in South Tyrol is located on the apple plateau of Natz, at about 900 meters, not far from the town of Bressanone and the Augustinian canon monastery of Neustift. Here nature draws an idyllic oasis of calm – Seehof is best viewed as an homage to the senses, an experience that has been lovingly staged with a great deal of thought, yet with a light touch. This home away from home is an enchanted world just waiting to be brought to life with laughter and lively conversation… or with the delicious pleasure of doing nothing. Whichever of the 40 rooms and suites you choose, one thing is the same in all of them: the unmistakable coziness that always leaves enough space for individual vacation moments.

In fact, the heart and soul of the Seehof experience is the time you’ll spend just lounging in the spacious garden or by the private natural lake, hiding away in your own little niche, or cozily cocooning yourself inside one of the elegant rooms or suites. In the 1.200 sqm La PrimaVera Spa, the hands of Mother Nature deliver relaxation in the form of panoramic views and direct access to the lake. All you have to do is let your mind wander, whether luxuriating in the exquisitely designed relaxation rooms, floating in the infinity pool or de-stressing in the panoramic saunas. Well-being is ensured by the Finnish panoramic sauna with direct access to the private natural lake, the Roman steam bath, the bio sauna, the exquisitely designed relaxation rooms and by the heated infinity pool that leads from the inside to the outside. All you have to do is let your mind wander. Beauty reatments and revitalizing massages are as much in the focus of the Seehof Nature Retreat as the conscious natural cuisine, which meets the Italian lightness with fresh, seasonal, alpine and Mediterranean quality products.

A space where deceleration, originality, nature and comfort are in harmony with each other. You long for a soothing time out in togetherness? You want to spend enjoyable and relaxing hours and let yourself be pampered, simply with your partner, or with your best friend or mother? You have wanted to travel alone for a long time and finally have time for yourself? Then look forward to your precious time at the Seehof Nature Retreat! Because the hotel is specially designed to meet the needs of adults seeking relaxation. Even though the team at the Seehof loves children, they are especially concerned with offering you a time-out that makes switching off, taking a deep breath and recharging your batteries a long-awaited experience and leaves lasting impressions.

Seehof Smart Working Loggia

In the new, very appealing “Seehof Smart-Working-Loggia” you can retreat, concentrate fully on your work and at the same time enjoy the casually elegant ambience of the vacation home. Here where architecture and interior design, nature and honest hospitality set the pace, even work becomes a pleasure!

Best Room – Romantic Suite

The stylish and modern Romantic Suite with large balcony incl. stunning views with morning sun leaves enough space for individual and extraordinary vacation moments. The reduced, harmonious architecture goes hand in hand with natural and exclusive materials such as smoked oak, linen and copper. The free-standing designer bathtub and the spacious open lounge area also convey the typical Seehof feeling: satisfaction becomes enthusiasm.

Nature meets luxury

Located amidst untouched nature – in Istria, Croatia’s largest peninsula and most developed tourist region – Meneghetti Wine Hotel & Winery offers luxury and unique privacy, sophistication and elegance in its architecture. Wooden beams and floors, modern and antique furniture that evoke the atmosphere of the past enhanced with modern amenities, create the perfect setting for an ideal vacation. Meneghetti is a true beauty made of century-old stone, evoking respect towards the tradition of its region.

Elegance to the last detail

Like any real paradise on Earth, this place is hard to find. Magic only happens off the beaten path. One of them leads to Meneghetti Wine Hotel & Winery. To find it, you need to explore the hidden paths, turn your journey into an adventure – it is worth every effort. That way, the journey becomes the destination. Once you reach it, you will find a perfect blend of luxury accommodation including villas and residences with private pools, rooms & suites, gastronomy including 2 restaurants, 1 recommended by the Michelin guide, and lush nature including 12 hectareas of vineyards and olive groves as well as a private beach area with a beach club.

A source of positive energy

The Energy Clinic Spa Center is a luxury oasis that heals the soul and the body and offers relaxing massages, nurturing body treatments and anti-stress sauna. For active relaxation you can visit the fitness area, indoor pool, and two outdoor pools with sundecks. In the summer season enjoy swimming in the Adriatic Sea on the beautiful Meneghetti beach with a beach bar located close to the estate.

The resort and property are designed to be different from what owners and guests have seen on their travels around the world. Meneghetti has worked closely with its designers and hardworking local craftsmen to create a design which is both modern and traditional at the same time, which is light in space and does not burden with its presence.

Best Room – Meneghetti villas

Wake up inspired to breathe in the various aromatic plants that live in the garden of superbly equipped Meneghetti villas. The villas offer three bedrooms, a living room over 225 m², as well as a terrace, garden, and a private pool, making them the perfect choice for a family vacation in complete privacy. The villas are built to respect the traditional architectural shape, design, and unique way of life in Istria.

Embracing the natural surrounding

Overlooking the protected sand dunes, the Atlantic Ocean and its surrounding beaches the five-star design hotel The Oitavos is located at the westernmost point of the Portuguese coastline. A mere 25 minutes from Lisbon and close to the fishing village of Cascais the family owned and run hotel lies in the Sintra National Park, a UNESCO World heritage site. The building is a sparkling steel and glass construction with floor-to-ceiling windows that seeks to embrace the beautiful natural surrounding rather than compete with it. Renowned Portuguese architect José Amaral Anahory has designed this bold design statement.

The hotel has a total of 143 rooms, all of them very spacious with at least 64 m2 and private balconies with either a view of the sunrise or the sunset. The interior is minimalistic and elegant with white painted steel, white furniture and walls in calming, soft marine blue. Paintings by contemporary Portuguese artists give each room a different artistic touch.

The Spa & Wellness area offers amazing views of the unspoiled landscape and come with an abundance of natural light. Guests can enjoy the sea-water-swimming pool, a sauna, a Turkish bath and a Jacuzzi as well as Yoga, Pilates and meditation classes. Spa treatments are delivered in one of 10 treatment rooms. The estate on which the hotel has been built also encompasses the largest equestrian centre in Portugal, a health and sports club and the Oitavos Dunes golf course, ranked among the Top 100 Courses in the World.

Star chef Cyril Devilliers is responsible for the culinary concept at The Oitavos. Guests can choose between four restaurants that offer a modern interpretation on Portuguese and International cuisine. Ipsylon Restaurant & Bar is influenced by the Atlantic Coast and surprises with a thoughtful combination of traditional Portuguese and French cuisine. The Japanese Bar is known for its fine selection of sushi and sashimi prepared right in front of the guests. Terraco Bar is an open-air poolside restaurant with light meals and tasty tapas. Verbasco at the Clubhouse of the Oitavos Dunes golf course with amazing views of the Atlantic Ocean concentrates on regional and world cuisine.

Best Room – The Oitavos Premium Corner Lofts

The Premium Corner Lofts are special because they offer views of both sunrise and sunset from the balconies. The spacious lofts are flooded with natural light and allow uninterrupted ocean views.


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