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An exclusive experience

Meters from the Atlantic coast, WHITE is the result of a passion that João and Catarina Reis share for creating unique, intimate places in singular landscapes. This devotion to providing an exclusive experience, where time crawls at another pace and nature controls our rhythms, is emblematic of a stay at WHITE.

The stillness, calm and ocean breezes provide the tranquility that most need for a truly relaxing vacation. When João and Catarina discovered the ruins of an old summer house with magnificent views overlooking the ocean, they knew they had a magical place. At White Exclusive Suites, guest can now choose from nine suites (with rooms between 27m² and 38m²) and one exclusive villa with 42m² comfortable space. Nearly all accommodations offer sea views and fully equipped kitchenettes.

From Farm-to-table

Singular Properties is currently developing an organic farming project to supply the restaurants with incredibly fresh, tasty and healthy organic, self-produced groceries at competitive prices, while promoting and developing an ecologically- and socially-responsible production chain that is integrated into the entire operation.

The organic farm project is based on a chain of trust and sustainability with the aim of knowing and controlling the various stages of the food production cycle, right up to the table in the hotel’s restaurants such as Cardume restaurant. Cardume is a gastronomic trip around the world using the best products from the Azores: locally caught fresh fish and pasture-raised meat, aromatic herbs, the freshest fruits and vegetables from our farm. Nothing is left to chance by Chef André Fragoeiro and his team. Every moment is planned with an intense purpose: to savor.

Wellness experience

Enjoy some moments of well-being at White, where you will find all the natural ingredients to unwind from all your daily worries. The Hut is carefully designed to give you the rest you deserve, with a privileged view of the cliff with the peaceful sound of the sea as background music. The hotel offers a wide range of wellness services for all preferences: Signature rituals, classic treatments, alternative treatments, hydrotherapies, yoga and personal training

Best Room – Villa

The Villa is the most reserved nook at WHITE, characterized by its clifftop location and its exclusive, relaxing heated pool. As an authentic retreat, The Villa is the perfect place for a few days of rest.

Natural coastal landscape meets modern luxury

Overlooking the grand beach of Santa Barbara, Santa Bárbara Eco-Beach Resort, the Azores’ first ecologically-friendly eco-beach resort was opened in 2015. It began with a passion for the natural black beaches along the picturesque northern coast of São Miguel in the Azores. The unique, almost magical, green pastures and mountain hues that contrast with the azure blue oceans are the ideal backdrop for a calming resort retreat. The inviting natural coastal landscape, the elegance of the modern luxury spaces and the commitment to a full-range of experiences epitomizes the passion for the art of hospitality, nature and, above all, the Azores.

The resort is dedicated to sustainability:  The architecture and luxury amenities, the Farm-to-Table supply chain, environmental support and energy/water efficiency programs were constituted to reduce the ecological impact, maintain the natural beauty and environmental balance of the coastal ecosystem.

Architecture in harmony with natural surroundings

The resort’s architectural design and the choice of materials were selected to blend harmoniously with natural surroundings. The minimalist architecture was adjusted to the morphology of the land, in order to minimize its impact on the natural landscape. This was enhanced by the use of natural building materials sourced locally or nationally, such as the islands’ cryptomeria, exotic bamboos and domestic cork that built on the simple natural setting.

Construction of the Santa Bárbara resort prioritized the use of natural materials, primarily the use of local wood (cryptomeria), cork and bamboo, and infused decorative elements that callback to traditional Azorean motifs and accents. Santa Bárbara’s furniture was designed and built exclusively for the resort. Other decorations were made from repurposed materials, such as lamps which were made from oil containers of an abandoned farm, and the restaurant chairs and tables which were made from reused iron and covered with vegetable fiber, using matting crafts.

Moments of well-beeing

Santa Bárbara has several spaces where you can peacefully relax. The outdoor decks facing the sea are arranged in different corners, with chairs where you can simply sit and contemplate all the surrounding nature. Take a dip in the pool or go down to the beach. In the restaurant / bar you can dine or simply try one of the snacks, cocktails and gins. You can also relax at our Wellness Retreat and book a massage for a moment of pure pleasure and relaxation – with the sound of the sea as your background music. You can choose from 14 studios, 7 one bedroom villas and 9 two bedroom villas, all elegantly furnished with a small equipped kitchenette, a stylish living space and a spacious balcony that allows visitors to observe, contemplate and relax to the coastal breeze.

From-farm-to-table takes you to an oriental journey

Santa Bárbara offers a gastronomic concept that will take you through an oriental journey from India to Japan, in an unexpected discovery of exotic spices and authentic flavors. All this with the necessary praise for the quality of local products – which includes Azorean meat, fresh fish and seafood from the Atlantic, alongside the freshest vegetables, aromatic herbs and fruits that now arrive from our farm installed on the property, with two greenhouses and an approximate area of ​​4000m2. A way to guarantee a zero kilometer products and extra quality in a true “farm to table” concept.

Best Room – Retreat Villa

Retreat Villas offer the most exclusive comfort in the Resort and a magnificent view you can enjoy from your private jacuzzi on the terrace. You can choose from a studio, a one-bedroom and a two-bedroom villa

A royal place in Lisbon

The charming and romantic palaces will steal your heart. Be Queen or King for a day in the historic Torel Palace Lisbon boutique unit. With their luscious gardens and a stunning view over the city of Lisbon guests can experience the city of Lisbon in the way of royals.

Torel Palace Lisbon is one of the latest wonders of Lisbon’s seven hills. Consisting of two mansions built in 1902 and 1904, it combines different histories in one. The main building was a private residence, while the other was the Bishop of Lisbon’s former guesthouse. In 2019, these two buildings were joined by a modern apartment building. The outer courtyards decorated with a flower garden make the colors of the buildings stand out.

The overall renovation respected the characteristics of the architecture and kept the details of the old rooms, stairs, floors and gardens. Isabel Sá Nogueira, the designer of the Torel Palace in Lisbon, invited to give the interior areas of the unit a new set of clothes. The objective was to create spaces that were unforgettable, functional and comfortable and that create a unique and inimitable atmosphere. An atmosphere that could reflect the past while creating new memories for those who experience them. This set of historic mansions needed an appropriate theme, and with the Portuguese Kings and Queens, it was quickly found.

Rooms for Kings and Queens

The décor of the 31 rooms and apartments is a mix of past and present, creating an atmosphere full of charm and personality. The rooms remind of the comfort of home, but with an elegant atmosphere that together with simplicity of the details underlines traditional Portuguese style, united with modern and contemporary touches.

All of the Rooms at the boutique unit are designed individually. The unit wanted to create a warm and sophisticated atmosphere while mixing modern amenities with the history of Portugal. At the private gardens or from the pool, guests have a breathtaking view over the city. Honoring the royals of Portugal, the unit gave the name of the Portuguese Kings and Queens to all of the rooms. In the pink building, each room is named after Queens, the name of the Portuguese Kings were given to the rooms of the blue building and the rooms in the white building were named after houses of the monarchy.

Portuguese culinary experience

The unit has one restaurant called Terraço 23 which provides an informal open-air experience that is ideal for when the weather is fine and has a Winter Garden for an indoor experience.

Best Room – Dona Amélia

The light and spacious Royal Room “Dona Amélia“, in sapphire-blue, is a room truly fit for a royal visitor. With its large windows guests have views to the Castelo de São Jorge, on one side and to the city on the other. The room features a Queen-size bed which makes the room the perfect honeymoon suite.

A home for writers and poets

A five-star poets palace, a writers shelter, a travelers favorite story housed in a stunning historic mansion: The new five star hotel Torel Palace Porto. The hotel was opened in 2020 and is the exclusive address for travelers seeking an elegant, exclusive and unique experience in the heart of Porto with a historic touch and a modern interpretation.

A palace with a historic history

The hotel is a completely renovated townhouse from Porto. The original Palacete Campos Navarro was built in 1861 and is one of the most impressive and distinguished examples of the romantic architecture in Porto. During the renovation, the hotel tried to keep the details, features and the history of the stunning old house. The greatest highlight of the architecture is the amazing skylight called Claraboia.

Honouring iconic Portuguese writers and poets

The portraits on the ornate ceilings in the rooms on the first floor set the tone for the hotel’s concept: literature. This is how the hotel and its 24 individually designed rooms and suites, pay homage to famous Portuguese men and women of literature. All over the hotel, literature and books from famous authors can be found. From the common areas, at the rooms, to the reception and the restaurant. Especially old ones, can be found on side tables, in niches and most visibly on the library ceiling – an installation where the books appear like stars. In addition, every Room at the Torel Palace which was designed by Isabel Sá Nogueira was named after a Portugese writer or poet.

For the ones who want to relax, the Calla Wellness Suite offers guests a Menu with body and facial beauty and relaxation treatments. At the BLIND’s restaurant the culinary proposition is deeply rooted in the chef’s memories and Portuguese ingredients with a strong international connection, an expertise that values technical excellence, seasonality and the origin of the produce.

Best Room – Fernando Pessoa & Eça de Queiroz

The two Royal Suites „Fernando Pessoa“ and „Eça de Queiroz“ with their rich ornamental stucco ceilings and handcrafted doors give with almost 60 m2 enough space for the traveler who likes to enjoy the privacy and beauty of his room. The modern bathrooms placed in the middle of the room with mirrors reflecting the environment add a spectacular and unusual design touch to the experience.

Porto’s extravagant boutiquehotel

The award-winning hotel Torel Avantgarde is Porto´s sexiest five-star hotel. It’s a place for the traveler who seeks the extravagant and the extraordinary art of Portugal. The building’s origins date back to the 1940s when “creativity” in its broadest sense was the watchword. Art at the time was no longer seen merely as a complement but as the focus. The break with what came before and the championing of anti-traditional art forms and new frontiers of experimentalism inspired the artists of this generation and marked an era of artistic excellence. Inspired by this era, the Torel Avantgarde welcomes you with its museumlike experience in complete harmony with the comfort and detail characteristic of the Torel Boutiques. The aim behind the approach was not just to emphasize the country’s virtues, but also to challenge guests’ senses – they are invited to live, sense and experience art.

30s inspired interior design

Also the design of the hotel’s interiors was inspired by the Avantgarde years. It was planned by Isabel Sá Nogueira, who was responsible for designing the common areas, and by Paula Vasconcellos and Francisca Navio, from Nano Design, who styled all of the hotel’s bedrooms. All of the 49 rooms and suites of the hotel are designed individually. In addition, all of the rooms got a specific name after famous Avantgarde artists, from the field of design, literature or architecture. The design of each room reflects the personality and vision of the artists the room is named.

At Torel Avantgarde guests can find the Calla Wellness & Spa with two treatment rooms for facial and body beauty and relaxation treatments, one gym fully equipped and one Turkish bath. Tenro by Digby is the hotel’s restaurant where meat is the main protagonist at the menu. It features product from seven native Portuguese breeds and what sets Tenro apart from a steakhouse is the cuts of meat and the pieces used as well Tenro by Digby offers fresh Portuguese fish.

Best Room – Leonardo da Vinci, Coco Chanel & Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

One of the best rooms of Torel Avantgarde was named after the famous artist “Leonardo da Vinci“. The Royal Suite has around 50 m² and a spacious terrace with amazing views over the Douro where you can literally feel the spirit of Da Vinci. If one prefers fashion and music over art, the two Deluxe Suites „Coco Chanel“ and „Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart“ with their own private bathtubs would be the perfect room for a stay in Porto.

A luxury stay in the heart of Porto

The award-winning Torel 1884 palace in the heart of Porto is dedicated to explorers who seek more than just a room key. Torel 1884 offers 12 rooms and suites at the main building. Not far at the Rua das Flores, the property offers 11 more apartments for an authentic stay in the city of Porto. To make it the best stay in Porto possible guests can enjoy self-service cocktails at the honesty bar on the top floor, as well as experience the Portuguese culinary in the Bartolomeu Bistro & Wine. A very intimate and elegant space, where it’s served typical Portuguese specialties.

The history of Porto reflected by the hotel

The boutique hotel has an interesting history, as the stunning building was built in 1884. The palace’s grandeur – with its magnificent windows, spacious rooms, high ceilings, elegant staircase and fabulous crowning skylight – demanded a superlative theme. The one chosen was that of the cultural diversity of the faraway lands. The concept is inspired by the exotic discoveries which Portugal’s mariners made along the sea and trading routes they followed. Many of the materials and products found in these distant lands, including pepper, porcelain, coffee and silk, continue to be a part of the Portuguese lives and culture today.

Unique architecture

The architectural project was the work of Miguel Nogueira, a Portuguese architect. The interiors were conceived by Nano Design and features the work of the artists Jorge Curval and João Pedro Rodrigues. The remit was to enhance the architectural beauty of the building, with the theme of the cultural diversity of the voyages of discovery evident throughout. Close attention has been given to every detail, with bespoke wooden fittings, the showcasing of the traditional art of handmade tassels, and a decorative finishing which gives each room a personalized touch, while using Portuguese suppliers and artisans whenever possible.

Best Room – Solomon

For a luxury summer escape the Junior Deluxe Suite Solomon” guarantees a special experience. With its private patio and a Jacuzzi nothing stands in the way of relaxation. Enjoy your stay at the Torel 1884 at the highest way of luxury.

Embracing the natural surrounding

Overlooking the protected sand dunes, the Atlantic Ocean and its surrounding beaches the five-star design hotel The Oitavos is located at the westernmost point of the Portuguese coastline. A mere 25 minutes from Lisbon and close to the fishing village of Cascais the family owned and run hotel lies in the Sintra National Park, a UNESCO World heritage site. The building is a sparkling steel and glass construction with floor-to-ceiling windows that seeks to embrace the beautiful natural surrounding rather than compete with it. Renowned Portuguese architect José Amaral Anahory has designed this bold design statement.

The hotel has a total of 143 rooms, all of them very spacious with at least 64 m2 and private balconies with either a view of the sunrise or the sunset. The interior is minimalistic and elegant with white painted steel, white furniture and walls in calming, soft marine blue. Paintings by contemporary Portuguese artists give each room a different artistic touch.

The Spa & Wellness area offers amazing views of the unspoiled landscape and come with an abundance of natural light. Guests can enjoy the sea-water-swimming pool, a sauna, a Turkish bath and a Jacuzzi as well as Yoga, Pilates and meditation classes. Spa treatments are delivered in one of 10 treatment rooms. The estate on which the hotel has been built also encompasses the largest equestrian centre in Portugal, a health and sports club and the Oitavos Dunes golf course, ranked among the Top 100 Courses in the World.

Star chef Cyril Devilliers is responsible for the culinary concept at The Oitavos. Guests can choose between four restaurants that offer a modern interpretation on Portuguese and International cuisine. Ipsylon Restaurant & Bar is influenced by the Atlantic Coast and surprises with a thoughtful combination of traditional Portuguese and French cuisine. The Japanese Bar is known for its fine selection of sushi and sashimi prepared right in front of the guests. Terraco Bar is an open-air poolside restaurant with light meals and tasty tapas. Verbasco at the Clubhouse of the Oitavos Dunes golf course with amazing views of the Atlantic Ocean concentrates on regional and world cuisine.

Best Room – The Oitavos Premium Corner Lofts

The Premium Corner Lofts are special because they offer views of both sunrise and sunset from the balconies. The spacious lofts are flooded with natural light and allow uninterrupted ocean views.

Luxury hotel in a family mansion

The Quinta da Bela Vista, a more than 160-year-old family castle, has been lovingly restored and converted into an exclusive luxury hotel. The design hotel is surrounded by a lush 25,000 sqm garden full of exotic plants and filled with valuable antique furniture and artistic treasures. The 89 elegantly furnished rooms and suites are equipped with a luxurious marble bathtub and a balcony with a panoramic view of the surrounding botanical gardens, the Bay of Funchal and the alpine landscape. The restaurant serves local and international dishes in a cosy wood-filled atmosphere complete with fireplace and marble floors. An ideal location for travellers who appreciate tradition and are seeking a peaceful atmosphere.

Best Room – Penthouse

The Penthouse, which has accommodated many European queens, princesses and princes, entices with its elegance and its abundance of character. The 175 sqm suite includes an open fireplace, precious antiques and gorgeous decor. The view looks onto the Bay of Funchal and onto the amphitheatre, as well as the Atlantic.

For individualists

Vila Valverde is located in gloriously peaceful surroundings at the edge of town with a view of the bay of Praia da Luz. This former 19th century country estate has been fully restored, expanded, and with great devotion to detail turned into a small design hotel. The soft coloured interior of the 15 rooms underscores the tranquillity and homeliness of the boutique hotel. Guests have at their disposal an indoor and outdoor pool, a sauna, a large terrace and a 5 hectare garden with its population of old trees, an orange grove and its very own spring. Beautiful design with particular emphasis on aesthetics, functionality and comfort make the Vila Valverde an exclusive destination for individualists.

Best Room – 15 individual rooms

In the Vila Valverde you will find 15 individually decorated 29-55 sqm rooms with first class comfort and modern design as well as a balcony or terrace.

Luxurious simplicity

Sublime Comporta is nestled on a stunning 17-hectar estate, surrounded by undulating umbrella pines and cork trees, sand dunes, vineyards, rice fields and 60 kilometres of pristine white-sand beaches. The boutique hotel is close to the tranquil fishing village of Comporta on the west coast of Portugal’s rustic Alentejo region, one hour south of Lisbon.

The hotel includes a total of 90 rooms, suites and “Comporta Cabanas” – villas with a contemporary take on the architecture of the area. The rooms have an airy-style with their floor-to-ceiling glass windows and their all-white minimalism. Warm wooden artefacts, such as Balinese doors or petrified wood sculptures, accentuate the modern feel. All rooms have a private terrace looking out at the fragrant pine forest. Children are welcome at Sublime Comporta. The resort offers a free kids club from June to September and a children’s swimming pool.

The biological pool of the resort is one of the largest in Europe. A wide variety of wellness treatments await guests in the Spa, fully equipped with a sauna, steam bath, heated indoor pool and a gym.

Sublime Comporta offers 3 restaurants. “Semporta” concentrates on typical Portuguese and regional dishes. The organic outdoor-restaurant “Food Circle” allows you to dine under the starts while watching the chefs use only ancestral cooking methods with fire playing the leading role. “Tasca da Comporta” is the second outdoor-option with sophisticated traditional Portuguese “petiscos” – small sized dishes which are perfect for sharing. All restaurants take advantage of the resorts organic garden, orchard and forest garden. The restaurants are complemented by a bar that features a large deck overlooking the pool.

Sublime Comporta offers luxurious simplicity and tranquillity while at the same time showing a deep respect for nature and the cultural heritage of the region.

Best Room – Bio-Pool-Suite

The Bio-Pool Suites are built on stilts over the biological pool and are inspired by the artisanal fishing port built by local fisherman. The exterior finishing and the interior décor pay homage to the traditional materials and techniques. Designed by architect José Alberto Charrua each suite has its own unique interior design, a king size bed, a sitting area and a large bathroom with walk-in shower and a bathtub. The private terrace allows guests to dive directly into the pool.


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