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Apulia’s Borghi – Slow Living as a Philosophy of Life

Apulia – the Adriatic to the north, the Ionian Sea to the south, an 800-kilometer-long coastline, gnarled olive trees, vineyards. A place of longing for travelers in search of the sweet life. Here, time is given to experiencing, enjoying, and living in the present – simply living La Vita. This philosophy of life is now also known as Slow Living. A simple way to savor life.

Original & Untouched

Only a few larger cities can be found in Apulia. For example Bari, Taranto and Lecce. The charm of this region is made up of many small, medieval-looking villages with a rich history and tradition. Travelers seeking to experience the essence of this original and untouched region explore these places. Far from mass tourism, one experiences authentic Apulia in the so-called Borghi.

Staying overnight in the caves of Matera

One of these Borghi is Matera: UNESCO World Heritage since 1993 and European Capital of Culture 2019. The history of this small town is literally carved in stone. Until the 1950s, people lived in the Sassi di Matera, cave settlements built into the rock cliffs.

One of these cave settlements is now the Sextantio Le Grotte della Civita Hotel. A cultural project launched to restore ancient caves. From the boutique rooms and suites you can enjoy a spectacular view of the Gravina Gorge and the backdrop of the Murgia Park.

Apulia‘s quintessence

For the South Italians, the philosophy of life and the joys of La Vita also include food. And here, Apulia is a master of simplicity: What is traditional is also regional and seasonal – from olive oil, fish, seafood, Burrata, Orecchiette, wood-fired Focaccia, to citrus fruits, tomatoes, and eggplants.

This is also the case in Borghi Ostuni – often called the white city. The small town's white houses sit on a hill surrounded by century-old olive groves. The finest olive oil is produced here by local oil mills.

Hotel recommendation in the center of Ostuni

In the heart of Ostuni is also the Paragon 700 Boutique Hotel & Spa. In the original palazzo with vaults and a former oil mill, guests experience Apulian gourmet cuisine in the truest sense of the word. Olive oil is omnipresent here too, as the heart of the restaurant is an old olive millstone that has been transformed into a large, sociable table in a creative design.

Farm-to-Table Concept: At Ristorante 700, the focus is on local products from local farmers and the diversity of seasonal flavors. This creates regionally influenced dishes that send guests on a taste journey between tradition and the future.

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