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Bergland Design- und Wellnesshotel Sölden, Austria: Back to their roots

Sara and Anna grew up at the Hotel Bergland in Sölden and have been an active part of the family business from a young age. For them, it was enriching to grow up in the hotel in the middle of the Ötztal, surrounded by guests. Following their education, they’ve now gone back to their roots.

Modern traditional interpretation with materials from the region

Sara is studying tourism and leisure in Innsbruck and is currently in the middle of her course. Learning, learning, learning is the order of the day. Her sister Anna graduated from tourism college last year and before she returns to the family hotel kitchen this summer, she’s currently expertly mixing drinks in an ice bar. But the fact that both of them will end up in the tourism industry wasn’t always the obvious outcome – at least not for Sara. “I actually wanted to be a ski racer. But then I enjoyed the tourism industry so much that I chose this path,” explains Sara about her career choice. Anna knew early on what she wanted to do. As a child, she helped her grandmother in the kitchen and knew there and then that that would be her future profession. The many new faces and nationalities that she encounters every day at the hotel make her work in this industry even more exciting and extremely varied.

Keeping it in the family

There are huge benefits to working with family. “My dad does this, my mum does that and Anna does something else.” Everyone has strengths in their own area so it’s easy to distribute the work like that. Anna’s favourite area is the kitchen where she tries out new recipes – as long as it’s not baking. Meanwhile, Sara advises guests at reception: “I enjoy getting the best for our guests. It’s really important to me to find solutions that are perfectly adapted to what they want.” Sara’s way of actively contributing to the guiding principle of the dynamic hotel is through “active relaxed enjoyment”.

Bergland Sölden - Familie

So that everything else also runs in an active and relaxed way, the rest of the hotel staff look after the 86 suites, 2,200 m2 spa and of course the hotel’s own culinary offering: the Wine & Dine à la carte restaurant, the black sheep gourmet restaurant and the hotel restaurant. “Some of our employees have been with us for 30 years. They’re simply part of the family.” Sara and Anna grew up with them as if they were uncles and aunts. And just like real uncles and aunts, the long-standing employees of course know about all the mischief Sara and Anna got up to when they were younger. But secrets stay within the family, naturally.

Back to the future

Handing over the hotel to Anna and Sara is the aim for the future. With Anna’s practical mind and Sara’s analytical thinking and love of numbers, the sisters complement one another perfectly. But they don’t want to think so far ahead and prefer to enjoy the here and now and looking forward to the weekend. Anna will be jumping straight into the new outdoor pool and after a brief detour to the kitchen, she’ll meet Sara on the activity terrace for yoga and meditation. “Active relaxed enjoyment”, you could call it!

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