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If she had a hotel… Küglerhof

If she had a hotel, you would be allowed to walk barefoot here – over warm wooden floors and green grass. There would be no bling bling, but beautiful design and interesting art. You would also be able to play boccia! Because everyone loves boccia, right? People would eat pasta and enjoy the sophisticated slow-food cuisine. And drink vino! Lots of vino! You could do whatever you want in this hotel. How good that she really does have a hotel. She is Karoline Dilitz and she has just breathed new life into her Küglerhof in South Tyrol. Curious? We asked the hostess for an interview.

The Küglerhof has been given a new signature, your signature – what is the Karoline style?

The Karoline style is a mix of tradition and modernity, of comfort and elegance, of design and nonchalance. It is the expression of our passion for hospitality, which we hope can be felt in every detail of our hotel.

You allow people to walk barefoot through the hotel – what do you feel when you take your shoes off?

You experience freedom on a new level, it figuratively stands for an easy, relaxed holiday without constraints. When you walk barefoot through the hotel, you can feel the coolness of the stone floor on the one hand, the warmth of the wooden floor on the other and of course the grounding feeling of fresh grass in the garden, a connection to nature and to the house. You somehow feel the freedom of feeling at home.

You love design, your husband loves art – how did you combine your passions at the Küglerhof?

Yes, exactly, we wanted to make the Küglerhof our second living room. It was important to us to create a space that is appealing and inspiring, where you feel comfortable – our guests and ourselves. We carefully selected and placed every detail to create an atmosphere that is both modern and timeless.

There are some unusual works of art in the house – which pieces cause the most frowns?

The walls in the house are adorned with works of art from our private collection. They are an integral part of the Küglerhof experience. Among my favourite pieces are the works by the Merano artist Christian Martinelli. I’m also expecting a neon sign that used to hang in the Torbar in Berlin. Some of the guests may find that our little shop, with all sorts of different things is a little strange. We currently have the Italian velvet slippers Friulane, sunglasses, books from Gestalten Verlag, candlesticks, swimming costumes and some fashion jewellery.

You affectionately refer to the outdoor area as the Green Island. What greenery awaits guests here and what creates that island feeling?

Greenery in all its colours surrounds us all around the house. This includes the large, well-tended garden around the pool and the lush grass with fruit trees and the natural pond right next to it. The whole thing is framed by old chestnut trees on the edge of the forest. It is the feeling of seclusion and tranquillity that creates that island feeling. You are a guest in nature – very pleasantly unagitated. The only sound is the twittering of birds in the background.

You now also have a boccia court – why does every hotel need a boccia court?

Playing boccia is sociable and brings guests together – and it’s a welcome change on a pool day. It reminds me a lot of my childhood summers on the Adriatic, where someone is always playing boccia – a bit of Italian flair at the Küglerhof. The Honesty outdoor bar is right next to the boccia court, so you can refresh yourself right after a game.

What ingredients were used to create the new culinary concept?

For us, food is more than just nourishment – it is an experience that connects and makes us happy. I am a passionate cook myself and enjoy cooking for friends and family.
At the hotel, our kitchen team is inspired by the diversity of nature and we only use fresh, regional and seasonal ingredients. They cook unique, honest flavours without any frills. Most of the vegetables are supplied by local farmers – next year we plan to open our own kitchen garden. We also have a large barbecue on the terrace, which will be inaugurated in summer and where all the guests of the house can sit together at a long table.

What is the dish you can’t resist?

The oxtail lasagne in several layers is very tasty – a new interpretation of a classic. Or homemade ravioli with braised pork cheek. For dinner, there is always a heavenly sourdough bread with whipped butter – my all-time favourite.

What is your favourite place in the hotel to drink your vino?

I prefer wine as an aperitif and preferably on the lounge terrace with a view of the valley, then a little later in the evening on the new terrace in the inner courtyard – always following the evening sun. My favourite at the moment is the MIAU! A sparkling, light red wine from the Pranzegg winery.

And what words do you use to say goodbye to your guests after their stay?

At the Küglerhof, every farewell is somehow as unique as our guests, but in any case always: ‘We hope you enjoyed your time with us and look forward to welcoming you back soon. See you next time – next time at the Küglerhof.’

photocredits: Küglerhof

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