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Artful and idyllic amidst a UNESCO World Heritage site

From a craftsman’s house to one of the most beautiful art hotels in Europe, the story of Schlossberghotel reads like a captivating tale. In 1596, it was appointed as the Imperial and Royal Court Carpentry in Graz, a tradition of craftsmanship that has endured for centuries.

A significant turning point came in the 1960s when the historic building transformed into the renowned “Gasthof Bierstrom,” marking the beginning of a new chapter. Later, from 1980 to 1982, the house underwent extensive renovation and modernization, reopening as Schlossberghotel. In the following years, the hotel expanded to include two adjacent buildings. Another milestone occurred in 2011 with the construction of new apartments in the Domenig-Spitz.

Art appreciation at the highest level

From travel pleasure to the enjoyment of art at the highest level and boundless individuality, Schlossberghotel seamlessly combines charm and sophistication. In its 49 rooms, 4 suites, and 8 modern apartments, original artworks and precious antiques merge to create a unique living experience that invites guests to return time and again.

Feeling at home is paramount, especially in the apartments of Schlossberghotel where contemporary art and luxurious functionality promise maximum living quality even for extended stays. Located in the opposite Domenig-Spitz, designed by the outstanding architect Günther Domenig, the fully equipped apartments captivate with spacious and modern living areas.

The lobby and bar area form the heart of Schlossberghotel inviting guests to engage in intense discussions, stimulating conversations, and lighthearted banter. A refreshing glass of wine, a steaming cup of coffee, or a cozy cognac elevate spirits and facilitate effortless conversation.

Stay relaxed.

The rooftop terrace offers sweeping views over the UNESCO World Heritage-listed skyline of Graz, while the winter garden or the cozy breakfast room serve a diverse breakfast spread. For relaxation and rejuvenation, guests have access to the leisure area with sauna, infrared cabin, and fitness room 24 hours a day. During the warmer months, the outdoor pool on the rooftop terrace invites guests to enjoy a refreshing swim. At Schlossberghotel an unforgettable stay is guaranteed, with the guest at the center of attention.

In the TRIFORÊT alpin.resort,alpin.resort, situated in the renowned Hinterstoder ski area amidst the stunning mountain landscape of Upper Austria, guests are treated to an unparalleled blend of ultimate privacy and boundless freedom. Away from the hustle and bustle of daily life, this resort serves as a haven of pure relaxation. Stylish apartments and chalets, culinary masterpieces, and a comprehensive wellness program complete the experience.

Mountain chalets and apartments.

Surrounded by majestic nature, experience a sense of freedom in the spacious mountaind chalets and Appartements. Whether traveling as a couple, family, or group, everyone will find their personal sanctuary here. All chalets and apartments captivate with modern design and the utmost comfort.

Best Room

Chalet grande

Experience top-tier comfort across three levels. Whether with family or a group, the Chalet grande impresses with its breathtaking mountain views and premium amenities. It’s an ideal place to relax, featuring a private relaxation area and sauna close to nature. This chalet accommodates up to six guests.


The Hutterer is situated directly below the TRIFORÊT hotel complex. Guests can indulge in culinary delights and savor the nuances of alpine haute cuisine. Dishes at the Hutterer emphasize local and high-quality ingredients – a difference that’s palpable on the palate. There’s a strong focus on what each season has to offer from the region. Experience a distinct alpine taste sensation and relish the stunning view.


Surrounded by pristine nature, there’s an opportunity to dedicate time and space to one’s inner well-being. The at TRIFORÊT serves as a sanctuary, helping to liberate body and mind from daily stresses and promote deep relaxation. A range of treatments and massages ensure holistic rejuvenation. The invigorating ambiance of the Infinity-Outdoor-Pool, complemented by the soothing warmth of the saunas and steam bath, beckon guests to linger and rejuvenate.

Right on the quay, between the Schlossberg and the river Mur, you’ll find the building housing the Kai 36 hotel, which has been listed for several decades. With its modern feel, stylish design and outstanding quality, it’s a popular meeting place for travellers from all over the world.

One of the most striking features of Kai 36 is its unique design and architecture. The hotel building presents a fusion of modern and classic styles, with elegant, clean lines and contemporary artworks to be seen throughout the hotel. The interior design of the hotel impresses with its eye-catching artworks on the walls and in the public areas. The attention to detail and sense of style is sure to leave a lasting impression on guests.

Best Room – Poolhouse

The Poolhouse room has a breathtaking view over the rooftops of Graz. It is located just a few steps away from the pool on the rooftop terrace, making it a perfect retreat for guests who want to take a refreshing dip or sunbathe. The room also has its own small, landscaped terrace where guests can relax in a tranquil setting. Whether for a weekend getaway or a longer stay, the Poolhouse room offers a perfect blend of relaxation and comfort.


Experience luxury and relaxation 20 metres above the streets in the outdoor pool at Kai 36. The open-air oasis provides the perfect escape from the hectic city scene and allows you to unwind in style. Whether you want to swim a few lengths, relax with a book or simply chill in the water, the pool at Kai 36 is definitely a highlight.

Café Bar

The Café Bar at Kai 36 offers guests a comfortable and relaxed environment in which to enjoy breakfast or a drink. A host of delicious dishes from the local area feature on the menu. The use of regional and fresh ingredients is a prerequisite so as to create unforgettable culinary experiences. The warm and inviting atmosphere of the Café Bar means it is also the perfect place for those who want to spend a quiet and pleasant evening in Graz.


This is a place where art and culture are placed front and centre. With over 150 works of art throughout the hotel, there’s inspiration to be found at every turn. 50 of them can be found in the Café Bar alone. Esther Stocker will be happy to keep you company over a cup of tea, while the gaze of a Harding Meyer will become more intriguing than stern after one – or two – glasses of wine. In the rooms also, you’ll find the walls adorned with original works by international artists.

For the weary and the energetic. All who like to eat and drink. Who like to see beautiful things and seek adventure. Or rest. Or anything in between.

The Refugium is located directly on the church square in Lunz am See, the Ybbs and the Gothic parish church from the 15th century to the side. The history of the house with its 23 rooms also goes back 5 centuries.

The owners, Joachim Mayr and Heinz Glatzl, felt obligated to this history when remodeling. They did not want to create just another design hotel, but rather a tender coexistence between old and new, a place of contemplation and refuge, precisely the Refugium.

The vision of a place where the desire for new things and the appreciation of the past find common expression has taken shape with the Refugium. Heart and soul, dedication and the clear aesthetic concept are reflected in the design of the rooms. It is a skillful play with textures, structures, shapes and colors. The commitment to authentic craftsmanship and attention to detail can be seen and felt throughout the hotel.

Numerous partners, from the Formdepot cooperative founded by Joachim and Heinz, were involved in the remodeling and furnishing of the hotel. Formdepot is an association of craftsmen, architects and designers based in Vienna Ottakring. 

Best Room – Suite “Maria & Peter”

With 46m² and a large terrace overlooking the church, this suite offers enough space. Besides a living room with a small library and 2 bedrooms, the suite also has a sauna.

HOSTS – Fanny & Christian. Metzger & Metzger

Fanny laughs a lot and likes people. That’s a good prerequisite for pretty much everything at the Refugium. Especially for making the guests feel comfortable. Christian takes care of the physical well-being.


In the kitchen, Christian Metzger is in charge and he follows a simple philosophy: not more of everything, but enough of the essentials. A special kind of luxury. Care, passion and time go into everything that is put on the table.

In addition to his work as Sous Chef at the famous “Motto am Fluß” in Vienna, he ran the restaurant “Die Metzgerei” together with Fanny with great success.

Activities / Services

Being private is the new happiness

Moments of happiness at 1,250 m above sea level are promised by the boutique hotel Bergwiesenglück in the middle of the Tyrolean Alps. How could it be any different. It is a place where the view wanders over the lush green mountain meadows to the rugged peaks of the Silvretta Group and the fresh air clears the mind.

On a sunny place presents the elegant Chalet Dorf, in the center the Bergwiesenhof. Not only are the authentic Alpine Suites located here, but on the roof of the Bergwiesenglück a 12-meter heated infinity pool and a small but fine fitness stadium await you, with a magnificent view of the surrounding mountain landscape.

In the restaurant “Hermanns Kitchen” you can experience real authentic Tyrolean cuisine, where the unique delicacies are characterized by passion and pleasure. The ingredients are sourced exclusively seasonal from regional partners at the surrounding area. Particular emphasis is placed here on sustainability as well as no waste of important resources.

An interplay between far and near, nature and architecture

The architecture is reminiscent of the Tyrolean “Heustadl” which is typical of alpine farming. The clarity of the architecture is continued in the interior – you won’t find any overloaded alpine chic here. The use of traditional materials is interpreted in a modern way and creates an authentic, contemporary ambience, designed with a lot of respect in dealing with nature and the environment. Especially local materials from Tyrol, such as loden and Tyrolean wood were incorporated into the planning.


Chalets & Suiten

The 12 chalets are a commitment to the region and fit naturally into the alpine environment. Here wood meets concrete and stone meets loden.

Most important: Privacy & coziness! The 108m² chalets offer enough space to make yourself comfortable and enjoy complete tranquility.with the whole family including your dog. The unique “Heustadl” concept from the outside is reflected in the interior. Enjoy a private spa, sauna and hot tub including a magnificent view of the peaks of the three-thousand-meter peaks.

Reading pleasures in a dreamlike setting

A house that is completely dedicated to books, listening, reading, reading aloud, writing and thinking in connection with dialogue and play – the Hallstatt Hideaway Mountain | Lesehotel.

This place of longing with a view over the Hallstättersee and Dachstein glacier offers retreat to all who at the same time feel safe in the scent and silence of the forest. 12,000 books in 20 rooms, stocked with new publications from 20 publishers, provide a constant flow of inspiration and happiness. Because reading makes you happy and healthy. Who among us is not assailed by attention-fracking and longs for effortless concentration? At the “Predigstuhl” in the heart of the Salzkammergut, this can be easily achieved. Sustainability is the top priority here: the cooking is vegan, vegetarian – and with fish and meat on request. Extensive hiking and mountain biking routes start directly at the hotel, climbing tours can be started directly behind the house. Mental training and nutritional coaching can be booked as well as massage and yoga classs.

Arrive, take off your shoes and feel the oak floor barefoot, fall into one of the comfortable reading chairs and let your gaz wander to the horizon. Because here you can do one thing above all: bathe in a sea of books and simply do nothing!

Best Room – Surhkamp Suite

In the Suhrkamp Suite you can enjoy a breathtaking panoramic view of Lake Hallstatt and the Dachstein Glacier. Float at the highest point of the house and enjoy the exclusive balcony across the entire width of the room. Your stay will be a unique pleasure thanks to the new publications of the Suhrkamp publishing house! Thanks to the ergonomically shaped backrest of the Plug&Play reading bed, you can let yourself be read to for hours and enjoy your breakfast, snacks and excellent wine in your suite.

The place to be in Sölden

A place where freedom, joy and magic meet. The Secret Sölden immediately captivates you with its mysterious and stylish design. A place to marvel, switch off and enjoy. The golden entrance with sloping wooden panels gives an idea that something new is being created behind it, something mysterious. The former castle-shaped hotel “Castello” has been skilfully integrated into the new resort The Secret through the conversion and extension. On a property area of 6,000 square meters, the house convinces with a lot of spaciousness, generous gardens as well as 44 spacious units, 21 of which are new Cosmopolitan Suites. The new house breaks up existing structures and follows an open-house approach.

With this, the Tyrolean entrepreneurial family Huter sets new standards and brings modernity into the local architecture. Inside, the contemporary construction tastefully intertwines with noble design and high-quality materials. Discover the mysterious underground labyrinth corridors! With the help of the architects from Going Places, the hotel and its unique design became the “place to be” in Sölden!

Private realm

The larger-than-average flats at THE SECRET Sölden offer unique flair in modern alpine chic with enough space to feel good and be yourself. The rooms combine a unique combination of comfort, space, cosiness and style. Thanks to high-quality and modern furnishings paired with enough space for everyone, you will experience a feeling of freedom and retreat in the luxurious rooms.

A feel-good secret

As beautiful as your own suite retreat is, sometimes you need a little more relaxation. LE FEEL – the name of the wellness and spa area of the Secret Sölden speaks for itself. A place of deceleration and tranquillity. Early in the morning you can start your day with a refreshing dive into the infinity pool. During a late-night sauna session, you can enjoy the soothing warmth even late in the evening and end the day in a relaxed way with a view over the Sölder mountains. In summer, the 2500 m² garden invites you to relax, sunbathe and sunbathe. But the garden is also ideal for sporting activities outside the hotel gym.

Thanks to an open-bar concept in the lobby, guests have the opportunity to freely take drinks and small appetizers from noon until early evening. The hotel restaurant LA’LIV offers French-alpine fusion cuisine in the evening, aperitifs can be enjoyed with a unique view of the Sölder mountain scenery in the Skybar THE VUE. Here, bartender art is united with extravagant interior, especially unique is the partly glazed ceiling. Enjoy witty evenings and unforgettable hours above the rooftops of Sölden.

Best Room – Extra Large Plus Secret & Medium Secret Signature

The “Extra Large Plus Secret” suite is the largest in the resort at 155 square meters. It is located on the south-west side on the upper floor. Since there are no other units adjacent to the suite, it scores especially with tranquility and absolute privacy. It has three bedrooms, three bathrooms, a bathtub and a private infrared cabin for two people. The cozy suite is designed in alpine style with noble local woods. The new “Medium Secret Signature” category shines with style and comfort. It dresses sensually in wine red, lava and wood nuances, furniture and lighting solitaires leave their own signature. The 70-square-meter suite, with two separate bedrooms and private balcony, is located in the main house with short distances to all facilities.

Rest and relaxation in the Bregenzerwald

At the Panoramahotel Alpenstern in the Bregenzerwald in Vorarlberg, rest and relaxation are a priority. The hotel offers a breathtaking view of the idyllic mountain landscape of Damüls.

The distinctive modern yet timeless design by architect Johannes Kaufmann and Tyrolean interior designer Stefan Ghetta, provides the Alpenstern with a uniquely cosy flair. Thanks to the high-quality materials and the homely atmosphere, the hotel invites you to relax and let go. You will find peace and coziness, paired with hospitality.

Indulgence and relaxation at the highest level

Peter Bischof and Sandro Abel treat their guests to traditional, but newly interpreted dishes in one of the two hotel restaurants. From the sun terrace, you have a unique view of the mountain peaks of the Damülser Horn, the Zitterklapfen or the Zafernhorn. Aperitifs and cool drinks can be enjoyed in the NOVUM bar, where unusual and creative cocktails are created on a world-class level. Those who feel more at home in the world of wine are in good hands with the hosts and sommeliers Corina and Maximilian Steinfeld. The informal atmosphere invites to a relaxed wine tasting evening.

Tranquility awaits you in the adults-only spa area of the Alpenstern. Here you immerse yourself in a world of deceleration, for a refreshed mind and a regenerated body. In the Alpenstern SPA above the rooftops of Damüls, guests are pampered with complete tranquility and pleasant warmth. Families can enjoy their own textile family sauna on the ground floor. Here you will also find the water world, with an infinity and indoor pool as well as other lounging options to enjoy time together as a family.

Best Room – Himmelschlüssel

The special feature of this ultra-modern living dream is the open bathroom with shower, which is connected to the bedroom, as well as a high-quality box-spring bed in king-size. The south-facing design room offers an impressive view of the Damüls mountains from the bed. Guests can also enjoy this view from their own balcony. The “Himmelschlüssel” is located on the 2nd and 3rd floor of the new Alpenstern Damüls.

A hotel for interior and animal lovers

You would probably expect to find this extraordinary hotel in Paris. The Aiola Living Boutique Hotel in the middle of the old town of Graz scores with an extraordinary concept. It is a hotel for everyone. For guests, for animal lovers and all those who are looking for something special.

The hotel is located not far from the main square of Graz in a side street surrounded by restaurants, stores, sights and museums. Everything is within a few minutes walk. At the hotel you can enjoy a gorgeous buffet breakfast which is also open for locals. The stylish café is open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. There is no restaurant in the hotel, but in the immediate vicinity you will find such culinary highlights as the Landhauskeller, the pan-Asian dinner club Miss Cho, the established Operncafé as a traditional café & brasserie, the Pink Elephant with Mexican cuisine and hip clubs & cocktail bars like Katze Katze. By the way, all these venues are also in the hands of the AIOLA Family.

As a special feature, the Boutique Hotel offers a premium fitness area, with personal trainer available for an additional charge. Gladly the thoughtful team organizes also nearby seminar rooms or trips of any kind.

Fine fabrics and floral wallpapers

The 46 rooms and three apartments are furnished in Moulin Rouge style with fine fabrics, velvet, floral wallpaper and favorite pieces of the charming owner family Schwarz. Rather unusual for hotels – you will find many unusual decorative objects that contribute be a “home away from home” for its guests. Each room is equipped with a wooden floor, rain shower, box spring beds and a coffee machine.

As a special treat, you can purchase the entire inventory – be it interior design, furniture or decoration – directly from the room, or from the nearby Aiola Living Store, and take it home with you. Not surprisingly, the hotel’s slogan is “A stay to take with you”.

Best Room – Fantastic Room

Each of the individually designed Fantastic Rooms is furnished with fantastic ideas – with rain shower and wooden floor, a box spring bed to dream and your own coffee machine to wake up, with flat screen TV, comfortable slippers and lots of little crushes.

At the lakeside

The Alpenhotel Kitzbühel is situated in a unique location directly on the shore of Lake Schwarzsee near Kitzbühel with a fantastic view of the surrounding mountains and the Wilder Kaiser. With its own access to the lake and located in a nature reserve, guests can enjoy the international flair of the world-famous skiing resort and the beauty of the surrounding nature at the same time.

Alpenhotel Kitzbühel

After intensive new construction, the Alpenhotel Kitzbühel welcomes its guests with all the comforts and amenities that make for unforgettable holiday moments. The architecture of the newly built rooms is a successful combination of typical Alpine Tyrolean characteristics and a modern lifestyle touch. Natural materials, exclusive textiles and fine local woods create a feel-good atmosphere. In addition, there are unique suites in the two annexes, the Das Steghaus, located directly on the jetty of the Schwarzsee, and the Lakeside Lodges, some with their own garden and access to the lake. 

There are five elegantly and cosily furnished suites on the 1st and 2nd floors of the Steghaus. From their terraces, you have the feeling that you are not only on Lake Schwarzsee, but directly in it. The perfect interplay of modern architecture and cosy atmosphere ensures a very special kind of luxury. Here, lingering is taken to a new level. In the Lakeside Lodges, the two-storey panoramic window fronts with spacious lounge areas allow you to experience the soothingly beautiful view of Lake Schwarzsee and the adjacent flora and fauna even more intensely and clearly. The extremely high-quality yet simple interior design additionally emphasises the idyllic view that makes these suites so unique.  The relaxation area of the hotel with sauna and steam bath makes for a cosy retreat after a long day of skiing. Enjoy the spa oasis on 1,000 sqm with Infinity Pool and the sauna directly at the jetty.

Pure indulgence in a prime location

Regional specialities and pure culinary delights can be experienced in the hotel’s own restaurant and in the new à la carte restaurant Das Steghaus with sun terrace directly on Schwarzsee. In addition to the daily specials, seasonal delicacies with a unique fresh touch are recommended. The stylish ambience – in warm bronze tones – is equally inspiring indoors and outdoors. Not only because of the spacious outdoor areas, but also because of the year-round lounge area directly on the water.

Best Room – Lakeside Lodges

The suites of the new Lakeside Lodges leave nothing to be desired. The noble materials and generous glass fronts with a fantastic view of the Schwarzsee guarantee pure well-being. All suites are equipped with their own panorama saunas. The spacious balconies and terraces with garden are the ideal place to enjoy the view of the Schwarzsee and the magnificent Kitzbühel mountains.


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