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Arabella Retreat & Spa, Nauders, Austria: Arabella feeling

The Arabella in Nauders combines the 4* comfort of a hotel with the advantages of a vacation apartment. For more than 40 years, traditional family values have been cultivated here and the unconditional love of quality has been shared with the guests. At the Aparthotel Arabella, space is deliberately made for the essentials: time together. Being close to yourself, your family and nature. Feel the real and honest again, experience small adventures and big feelings. Immerse yourself in a safe idyll, relax and feel free, open and happy together in a casual-private ambience - this is "the Arabella feeling", which is lived daily by the Moritz family and the entire Arabella team

The company was found in 1978 by Josef Moritz with seven apartments as a second business to a supermarket. In 1984 more apartments were added and already in 1988 it was clear that wellness was also an issue - a 250 m² wellness landscape was created. Family Moritz was clear - it should be vacation apartments with hotel comfort.

Constant improvement for their guests

The next investment step followed already a few years later - in 1991 Monika and Josef Moritz increased the number of apartments to 15. Of course, the quality of the vacation offer was always in the foreground. A four-star operation with an aparthotel concept was created. An aparthotel is a perfect alternative for many vacationers who are looking for neither private rooms nor a regular hotel. Family Moritz recognized these signs of the times and tinkered the suitable offer for their guests. And worked constantly to improve further - in 2009/10 they took the decision to qualitatively renovate the house and thus once again upgrade for its guests. And it is still important to the Moritz family to keep their finger on the pulse of time - already in 2016 they invested massively in the quality of the house again, this time without expansion, but with the same motivation to improve the vacation experience even further. A patented lounge & bar area was developed, 9 apartments were remodeled to the highest standard, and the office space was expanded.

A fresh breeze

In 2016, the young generation also took the reins: son Christoph joined the family business after completing his studies, spending some time abroad and working as a management consultant at Kohl & Partner.

"With ambition, foresight and the courage to differentiate, we create a place that embodies the modern attitude to life and at the same time is perceived as a constant, a haven of peace and a bearer of values. In the harmonious combination of generous comfort, closeness to nature and familiar yet modern hospitality, a valuable ambience is created that radiates security and gives space to open up to the beautiful things in life and togetherness and to experience the longed-for idyll."

Modern design with an alpine focus, a high standard of materials and furniture, and generosity with its finger on the pulse define the design of the "hardware" and thus the feeling of space as an essential factor of the Arabella feeling. Aparthotel Arabella is a place to come together - regardless of the age of the guests. The combination of the sustainable and high quality materials of the apartments in combination with the Arabella feeling has created a new vacation feeling in recent years with the help of new services.

And there is one thing that is most important - the "software", the people who give their best on site to make every guest feel at home. The Arabella is also particularly proud of the catering concept, which was newly conceived last year, a perfect alternative to the classic half-board experience. In the process, the project was also recognized as an innovative concept by the state of Tyrol.

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Nauders, Austria


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