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Maria & Josef Consepp Store, Maria Alm, Austria: Made with love

Even in the smallest room there is space for great moments and for what really matters in life. Just like in the Consepp Store “Maria & Josef”, the new village shop of the EDER Collection in the heart of Maria Alm.

village shop where the most contrasting things come together. A special mixture of down-to-earth and unusual, traditional and modern. Because as different as some things seem at first glance, in the end they fit together so well.

Earth-shattering regional

Maria & Josef Consepp Store

At "Maria & Josef" you meet unusual couples and connections that are not commonplace and people who like to turn things upside down ... and who, despite some craziness and all their differences, share something essential: the love of their craft and the region. "Maria & Josef" is a good place for old and new stories and for a diversity that relies on community.

Because only by pulling together you can achieve world-changing things that mean small happiness for everyone together and for each individual.

Good things rarely come unaccompanied

In the 5 different shop categories, you will not only find culinary delicacies, care and cosmetic products, design and decorative objects and unusual fashion pieces, but also something heartfelt and useful and things you don't really need, but which put a smile on your face. And that also online

Maria & Josef Consepp Store

G´schmackig & Süffig (tasty & palatable): Pure moments of pleasure with culinary delicacies from the EDER kitchen, herbal specialities from the "Almerin", regional delicacies from the neighbourhood and fine wines from local vintners, brewers and distillers.

Frisch & Sauber (fresh & clean): Real feel-good moments with fragrant soaps, nourishing creams, healing herbal ointments, soothing massage oils, protective eau de disinfection and pleasant care and cosmetic products.

Schön & Praktisch (beautiful & practical): Trendy lifestyle moments with loving decoration, cool design elements and useful accessories for at home and on the go.

Fesch & Lässig (smart & casual): Stylish fashion moments with casual looks, statement shirts and caps, traditional fashion rethought, bags and packs, jewellery and accessories.

Glück & Freude (Happiness & Joy): Beautiful moments of happiness with small and large gifts for loved ones at home or simply for yourself, mementos and souvenirs.

Maria & Josef Consepp Store
Am Dorfplatz 8 | 5761 Maria Alm | Austria
Tel. +43 6584 7738 0

Opening hours
Thursday to Saturday 14.00 -18.00 | Sunday 09.00 - 14.00

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to the hotel
Maria Alm , Austria


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