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Bergland Design- and Wellnesshotel Sölden, Austria: Slow Ageing

Too many thoughts whizzing around in your head? Had enough of the noise of the city? Leave your stresses behind and join us at the Bergland Design- and Wellnesshotel Sölden, where you can take it slow on your way to achieving total relaxation and a fresh glow.

“I think that people should be considered as a whole being, and that we are all unique in the sense of our body, mind and soul. For this reason, our approach is to offer treatments that strive to meet the individual needs of each guest,” explains Julia Keimling, Spa Manager at the Bergland Design and Wellness Hotel in Sölden in the Austrian Tyrol region. This is the perfect complement for the new “slow ageing” lifestyle trend, which isn’t a case of not growing any older – what a nightmare! – but rather living as your best self at every age. At the heart of it is positive thinking, avoiding stress and an overall good feeling. Products that can give you a glowing complexion while limiting their impact on the environment play a supporting role in this.

Natural beauty for every skin type

In the Sky Spa at the Bergland, they know just how to help their guests achieve this feeling of slow ageing, offering relaxing and nourishing wellbeing packages using the hotel’s own Natural Alpine range of products. Why not try a deeply moisturising and refreshing arnica salt peel to soften and clear the skin of dead skin cells? Or how about a hayflower bath so you can soak up the power of nutrient-rich grasses and meadow flowers, or a zeolite head massage using a dense ball of sheep’s wool for an incredible feeling of deep relaxation? However, it’s not just the approach to
self-care that is slowing down these days.

Those who manage to make their days as balanced and as stress-free as possible will not only achieve a greater sense of relaxation, but also a more radiant skin. It’s especially easy to enjoy a day without stress at the Bergland Design- and Wellnesshotel – set amongst nature, surrounded by tasteful décor, there’s no option but to float your way blissfully from morning to night.

Ancient knowledge, new glow

The origins of the hot stone massage can be traced back more than 2,000 years. Now, in the Ötztal Alpine valley, the ancient practice has been studied in depth and reinterpreted afresh at the Sky Spa. “We complement the traditional lava stones with the power of local granite and arnica oil in order to both fully activate and strengthen the body’s own self-healing
capabilities,” comments Julia Keimling. In the Sky Spa, you experience a commitment to the regional and the sustainable through the application of carefully selected natural beauty products and extraordinary treatments, meaning the skin and the soul have everything they need.

If you require a bit of “fast” after all the “slow”, pay a visit to the Electric Mountain Festival in spring and show off your new-found spa glow. But don’t go to bed too late! There are scientists who claim to have discovered that skin cell renewal occurs at around 11pm, and it will only happen if you’re already asleep by that time. But no matter what time you snuggle down in your hotel bed, even sleep feels more restful here at the Bergland Design- and Wellnesshotel Sölden.

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Text: Nina Prehofer



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