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Naturresort Puradies, Leogang, Austria: Open space in the nature resort

Get out of the city, back into nature and still enjoy a vacation at the highest level. This is possible in the Puradies of the Madreiter family, in absolute privacy in Leogang's best position on the sunny plateau.

To the right, the Steinbergbahn gondola, to the left the Asitzbahn, takes you up the mountains. You have 300,000 square meters of meadows, forests and silence just for you. This means not only ski in, ski out, bike in, bike out and so on. But also the peace and safety of a car-free village. No noise, no exhaust fumes, no crowds. But boundless freedom and privacy and in addition the luxury of really enjoying yourself at 4 star superior level.

In terms of architecture, attention was paid to the fact that everything is of one piece. Therefore, the organic farming, which supplies the house with the highest quality products, is still operated - much to the delight of the guests. And: As the name Puradies already indicates, everything here is pure and high-quality, from the materials used to the award-winning culinary art with 2 toques. Whereby pure does not stand for renunciation, but for pure enjoyment.

Innovation & the pioneering spirit

The business developed from a farm of the 17th century surrounded by dreamlike pastures. The couple Madreiter operated the farm's guesthouse Embachhof with their son Philipp with 21 rooms and 14 chalets, which were built between 2007 and 2011. In 2015, they were faced with the decision to either invest heavily in the guesthouse or to run only the chalets in the future. The Madreiters decided for the investment and also for the risk. At the same time, the second son Michael also decided to return to work for the family business and, after more than 10 years in international consulting with a few years abroad, to return home to Leogang. Back to the roots with the intention of transforming the small hotel with its attached cottage village into a luxury resort with a special flair.

The urban asks for nature and sometimes it is also the other way around. In an attractive and also economically prosperous tourist region, both aspects are needed. A gentle feeling for nature and an active experience of nature are at the center of attention for many guests in the mountains. In the past, hikers came only to selected huts, but today e-bikers easily head for three mountains and huts a day. But there is only one mountain, which is approached by a gondola and at the same time the bike park and a play park are located. This means that those who want to have these adventures and also attractions go to the "staged mountain", while the rest of the place is as usual. Pure nature. And so it is at the Madreiter family's PURADIES. With the generosity of the nature resort, it offers peace and action without one interfering with the other.

The guests at Puradies are not connected by age or profession, they are connected by a community of values, with a certain demand for style and lifestyle. They are people who are thinking about tomorrow and take care of their physical well-being, fundamentally value sustainability and want to give something back to their environment. The Madreiters are particularly proud that the family business has developed and pursued its own, very regional and pure style instead of copying. The guest feels that.

A bar from Taiwan

The only idea that was borrowed was the bar. On one of Michael Madreiter's trips, he was so fascinated by the Raw Bar in Taipei that he wanted something like it in his hotel. In 2017, Puradies won the IF Design Award and the German Design Award for its curved bar made of 16,000 oak cubes.

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Leogang, Austria


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